How To Create Your Business Presence On Social Media Part 1

Why use social Media to build your business and should you use your personal profile or a business page?

Where else can you connect with so many people? Where else can you find exactly the people who are interested, not needing to bother anyone else?

  • Social Media has 2,3 billion active users and Facebook alone has 1,7 billion.
  • Internet Users have on average 5,4 Social Media accounts
  • Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages a day.
  • Facebook adds 500.000 new users every day.

Most people do it the wrong order. They start promoting and promoting and promoting and doesn’t take the time to get the right people in front of their offers.

If you are doing this you seriously need to change your mindset. Your mindset shouldn’t be to sell, that’s not your primary objective on social media. You want people to know like and trusts you and you want the right people to do that.

So start by growing your audience, lead with value, give them what they need. Be social, no one goes to Facebook to buy anything. You should only promote ones in a while – 80 % content and value!

It’s nothing more annoying than going on Facebook and ONLY seeing posts that are saying please buy from me I have goals to reach, I only need to sell one more to reach my goal etc. These people are only thinking about the sell and that isn’t even the most important thing in your business, not if you want to be in it for the long run. Sure, you need to sell but if you are doing it that way you might get some sales but you aren’t building up anything sustainable since you need to do it every day, pleading people to buy from you.

I mean - I think it’s annoying to see people in the same company as me nagging on about the products. I love them - but seriously, I don’t want to see them every time I go on Social Media.

Your mindset needs to be on bringing value and helping people. Be someone that people turn to and get advice from, then they will buy from you, if they need your stuff, because they trust you.

And if you are in Network Marketing this is even more important - if you want to recruit new reps you need to build up a trust before they join. I would NEVER join anyone that are trying to grow their business by “forcing” people to buy.

Do posts that people want to read – it’s as simple as that.

Should you use your Personal Profile or build up a Business Page?

Well there are pros and cons with both. You need to take those into account and choose what works for you.

I am using a Business Page and sometimes I post something on my personal profile, but not very actively.

If you want to learn how to use your personal profile read this post. It might be easier starting on your personal profile and grow from there, or do both, that's an option to…

Personal Profile Pros

    • Shows your commitment (if you’re not changing company all the time)
    • Great way to build up a network with people who are like you
    • Sale through private message and build relationship (but only sell if they expressed a need)
    • Share your lifestyle – great if you want to recruit and are able to live somewhat free
    • Its Free
    • You get to share stuff with people who already know you and trust you
    • You can use Facebook groups for different things

Personal Profile Cons

    • You can only have 5000 friends (but you can have unlimited followers so there is a way to increase the number of people seeing your posts)
    • It might attract the wrong people to see your posts, family and “real life” friends who aren’t at all interested
    • It’s not scalabe – you need to be very consistent – hard work.
    • Private messaging takes time
    • Facebook can shut you down if they suspect you are doing business (not allowed)
    • It takes a lot of time

Fan Page/Business Page pros

    • Laser-targeted ideal customers
    • Market to your fanbase, do custom audiences, market to those who reacts a certain way to your posts
    • You can do paid ads
    • It's Scalable
    • Retarget people who showed interest
    • You can build up a long-term brand
    • Show you lifestyle
    • Analyze and adjust – statistics are available

Fan Page/Business Page Cons

    • It’s a bit of a learning curve (I’m happy to help)
    • You need to pay for people to see your posts
    • You can lose your ad-account if you aren’t following Facebook rules

In Part 2 you’ll get 10 types of posts that you can use for more engagement on your page/profile, you’ll learn how often to post and when to post – Click here to read it

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