The Secret to Create Time-Freedom

What do you want your business to do? Are you doing what you want and love and are you earning enough?

Network Marketing has a bad reputation for many people, that's mostly because of ignorance AND also because there are companies that call themselves Network Marketing companies and are scams so you have to look out. 

But if it is a legit company, Network Marketing is one of the best and easiest way to build up an income.

    1. You don't need big investments like you need in other company startups.​
    2. You can start right away.
    3. You are your own but you have the support of a team (if you choose the right upline)
    4. You get to build up an income that will in the future be more and more passive. You'll earn more doing the same t hing you do in the beginning and you don' have to work as much. 

But you won't succeed over night. It takes a long time to build up a team, to get people to stay with you and succeed themselves.

You need to find the right people and you need to help them learn and find their own team. It is hard work and it takes time, but if you stick to it, it will be worth it.

​So what do you do in the beginning when you aren't making money from your network marketing opportunity? You need to get the money somewhere else right?

Affiliate Marketing​ means that you can sell other peoples products and get paid commissions for that. You can for example sign up with Amazon and by recommending stuff on their site you can get paid around 7% of the sales-value.

    1. It doesn't cost much to get started, you might need to buy the product you want to sell but you want to do that anyway since you want to know what it is so you are able to stand behind it.
    2. You can start right away.
    3. You don't need anything complicated to get started you just need to get people to see the page you want them to see, this can be done through your blog or social media or different kinds of ads of course,

​I work with a company that pays 40-70% instead and in that way I don't have to sell as much as I would have had to do if I sold Amazon-stuff, but you have to choose things to sell that you like and that you would use yourself.  You want people to like you right?

With affiliate marketing you don't need to build up a team and take care of your team-mates BUT you need to make sales every day to earn money. You aren't building up a team of loyal customers and distributors that buy from you every month​ but if you combine it with e-mail marketing you can automate the selling process quite a bit.

The combination of Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing is ​genius because then you get both the instant commissions at the same time as you are building up your team for more residual income.

And since Branding yourself is the way to go you should absolutely have more then one opportunity. But do a good mix, you want to sell things that attract the same audience but aren't directly competing off course. Use your common sense.

An other thing you can do when you are more established is to create your own products. That will give you a true leverage since you establish yourself as an expert even more and you have total control over that income-stream.

Make your money work for you! The thing that will get you most time freedom is investing your money and making them work for you. Let your money create more money for you. Einstein called Compound Interest the eight wonder of the world. You need to understand that to truly get time freedom.

Whatever path you choose - know that you should have more than one income-stream, don't build your entire business around one network marketing company. If you do that you don't really have a business, you are almost employed since that company decides everything.

They can terminate your membership anytime they want, even if you are a 6-figure earner. The company can be sold or a law-suit can happen which can freeze your payments and so on... You need to have something to fall back on if that happens.

I am in a Network Marketing Opportunity, I am in Affiliate Marketing, I have money working for me, creating more money AND I will be creating my own training to have more of my own to leverage.  

None of this would have been possible if I hadn't picked up this book last spring. ​

You need that book if you want to succeed online! It's written by my mentor Ferny Ceballos that I had the pleasure to meet this weekend in an event in Las Vegas. He truly knows what he is talking about. He has used the exact strategies from the book to build up his 7 figure business.

Get it here - I have a discount for you!​

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