My Top 20 Tips For Success in Your Network Marketing Business ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

My Top 20 Tips For Success in Your Network Marketing Business

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

Do you want to be successful in Network Marketing? Then I think you should read this.

20 network marketing tips (and a bonus tip) on what you can and should implement in your business to get where you want.

This is a mixture of practical things to do, how to think and long-term strategies.

The list is in no particular order.

The green ones you need from the start, the orange ones you can implement one after another (don’t overwhelm yourself) and the red one when you have everything else in place.

Brand yourself and not anyone else

Your business is about YOU. It’s not about anyone else. Not your network marketing company or any other product you might be selling (unless it's something you created yourself).

Find your mission and become a person that people (the right people!) will learn to know, like and trust.

This is an essential factor to success.

We buy from people we trust – we don’t care about the ingredients or facts – well, maybe later but the first buying decision we take based on emotion. Then we investigate.

So – make me like you and I am far more likely to even listen to what you have to say.

There is another reason to brand yourself and not even mention your company or products on Social Media.

IF something happens to that company and you can’t work with it anymore you have to start over.

If you have built your own brand your followers and customers will still follow you and listen to what you have to say and what new thing you have found.

Also, you probably want more than just that income stream. To rely on ONE place for your income almost makes you an employee again…

You want to have more than one and that will be difficult if you are branded alongside one company.

The right Mindset

This is an essential part of what you do. You need you change your mindset from that of a desperate person that NEEDS to recruit or sell to the mindset of helping the one you are talking to.

Your new mindset should in every situation be that of a servant. What can you HELP that person with?

Listen and learn his or her problems, pains, hopes and dreams and focus on helping to solve that.

What is it you can offer that can solve whatever they are struggling with?

If you don’t have anything that would help – don’t offer anything. Maybe you know someone else that can help instead? Then just point them in the right direction.

Be professional and detached of the outcome which leads me to the next thing which is….

See what you do as a profession

If you are “just doing it on the side” or making excuses on why you aren’t taking action – why should someone want to join you?

If you think about it as sharing not selling – does that say it’s a job or a hobby?

I am sorry – it is selling and if you don’t see it that way then it is just a hobby.

Whatever business you are in you are selling SOMETHING! It can be your time or your own product or someone else's service or product but you are selling!

Don’t be ashamed to be involved in network marketing (to be ashamed is more common than you might think), if you see network marketing as what it is – a real business then people will be more likely to join or buy from you.

If you are making excuses and almost try to hide the fact that you are involved in network marketing…

...Again – why should anyone join you if you don’t believe in it yourself.

Be authentic and honest and proud of what you do!

Think like an Entrepreneur not like an Employee

  • Employees follow the rules and an entrepreneur creates them
  • Employees waits to be told what to do and an entrepreneur finds out what and how to do it
  • Employees are afraid of risks, entrepreneurs take risks all the time
  • hand-o-right
    Employees see spending as a cost, entrepreneurs spend as an investment
  • hand-o-right
    Employees always wait for the right time, an entrepreneur know the right time is now
  • hand-o-right
    Employees gives up easily, an entrepreneur is persistent and determined
  • hand-o-right
    Employees seek strength and inspiration from other people, an entrepreneur finds it within.

Create a system

Something you can reference along the way.

Since I am an online person I am going to give you two different ways that you can build your business online.

First, there’s the…

Active social media recruiting (this part is more to the green side than orange for the heading)

which you can actually implement right away.

With social media recruiting, you honestly don’t have to learn much of anything.

All you need is a personal account on Facebook (no website required), and some sort of process, maybe provided by your upline or somebody in your company, on how to present your opportunity and convert prospects into either buyers or new reps.

You only need to know where to take them, and how to process them.

In fact, this strategy is basically the same as what you’d do offline, except you’re transposing the process online.

The challenge with social media is you’re always busy…



...interacting with people.

It produces results quickly (and it can produce massive results), and you can duplicate it quickly, but it’s time intensive.

Most of the time…

People will move beyond simple social media recruiting stuff, because they want to create more leverage in their business and to free up more of their time.

The next level of social media is…

Passive social media recruiting (this part is more to the red side then the orange for the heading)

…which is about posting valuable content or information that inspires people to reach out to you and ask you what you’re doing.

People are reaching out to me saying:

“What are you doing? I want to learn more!”

I prefer to start the conversation with somebody when they’re reaching out.

They are coming to you—instead of the other way around.

It make it easier and more fun!

For this, you’re going to need:

  • a Facebook Business Page (which is also called a “fan page”),
  • a Facebook advertising account for advertising on Facebook,
  • an ad that you create, and
  • a lead funnel (using a blog).

The idea is for people to reach out to you by going to your website and submitting their information, which can happen 24/7 (while you’re sleeping or at the beach).

They’ll do this in exchange for valuable information you’ve promised to give them.

Then they will automatically be sent all the information they need to get familiar with your business.

When you talk to them they know much already and are ready to join. You only answer a few questions.

It’s all automatic.

That’s what a funnel does.

This is how you can passively have prospects come into your business, every single day. Learn how in this free bootcamp.


duplicate me

Your system, blueprint or whatever you want to call it should be duplicatable – meaning you can teach your team to do it and they can get the same results.

I believe the easiest thing to duplicate is online systems – the blueprint is already there.

But I don’t believe that everything works for everyone so you need to be able to show people where to learn what suits them.

I have a post about duplicatability right here: Is Anything REALLY duplicatable in Network Marketing?

Talk to people

I am all for doing it online but that don’t mean you don’t have to talk to people.

Network Marketing is about connections and networking. Either you are talking to people online or offline - do it the right way.

LISTEN and ask questions. Respond to what that person is saying and focus on helping her with problems or reaching goals.

Don’t go into the conversation with the mindset that you need to sell or recruit – that shines through and you’ll appear desperate.

Again, You are there to help the one you are talking to – focus on that!

Use a Facebook Fanpage and Ads

This ties in to the Passive Recruiting Strategy under "create a system" This is how you reach out to new people by the numbers. With your personal profile there is a lot more work to reach as many people as you can do with paid strategies. 

But this is something you need to learn, you need to get an education to do it right. Something like this

This is an essential part to be able to do the next tip which is...

Build your E-mail list using capture pages

This is a huge deal.

If you don’t know what a capture page is here is an example

It is simply put a page where you offer something of value in exchange for peoples e-mail address. These pages aren’t hard to create.

Why is this important? Because you want to stay in front of your prospects all the time.

You want to appear in their mailbox and if you treat your e-mail list correct they will buy from you when they are ready. You see - not everyone is ready right away.

It might not be time for them just now but if you keep them interested by sharing VALUE in your e-mails they might buy from your follow up.

“The money is in the list” – you might have heard this before but it’s not 100% true.

The money is in your relationship with your list. 

The more they like what you are sharing and the more they start to trust you the more likely they are to buy or join.

There are people making a lot more money from a smaller list then other people are making from a huge list that don’t contain the right people that trust the person e-mailing.

Value is key!

Facebook groups

Facebook groups can be used in different ways.

You can have a group for your products for example where you and your team can add interested people.

This group should be valuable – not a sales only group. Mostly testimonials and other valuable things that goes with your products.

If you are in health and wellness for example share training tips, recipes, other health advice and so on most of the time and about the products only once in a while but keep a couple of good videos about different products there where you can tag new group members that want to know more.

Make sure no one adds people to your group without asking the them first. If allowing that Facebook might shut your group down if they get complaints.

Create a similar group for your opportunity if you want that to but don’t mix it in the same group. Opportunity talk can scare potential customers away.

This is probably depending on the product, if your product is about making money like a trading thing or crypto-currency thing then it might make sense to have it both in the same group but for health and travels for example you want different groups. 

Also have a group for your team - it’s a great place to build community.

Make everyone feel welcome, it doesn’t matter if someone want €500 extra per month or €10.000 a month they should all feel equally important.

Have some training in the group and HELP each other. Become a family. 

Join groups and check out what they are doing - what is working and what is not working and model the stuff that is working. DON'T copy!


Go to events! Go to your company events and go to other training events.

Network, meet people and learn new skills. You always want to learn and grow and going to events is a great way to do that and also a great way to get more motivation and dedication.

Me and friends from different countries that I met at the latest Event I went to back in June.
It took place in Vegas that's why we are so shiny lol

The right events will help you be a better leader and teach you new skills that you need to take your business to the next level.

You might also meet someone that might be your next business-partner or client or mentor.

A Dedicated Mentor

(Couldn't color-code this heading... It is important but in my opinion it might be more and more important the more experienced you are...)

A mentor that helps you see things from another angle, a person that has done what you want to do and can help you find what you need.

Not a person to tell you what to do (if you want that – get a boss).

Find the right mentor and it will shorten the time it takes for you to build up your business.

In Network Marketing you should have that in your upline but it’s not always the case that you sign up with an upline that does things the same way you do.

You might have joined a person that is very skillful in cold market recruiting but you want to go online.

Then you have to find someone to help you learn a system like that instead and keep your upline for the teachings of the company you are with – don’t just have one mentor you might need more for different areas of your business and mindset.


If you are buying into mentorship (which you eventually should do) or if you aren't doing that yet you want to have another person as an accountability partner as well. 

This is a great way to make sure you do what you decide you have to do.

I am speaking to another woman every week and we are talking about what we have done the last week, what worked and what didn’t work and also we set goals for the coming week and push each other against accomplishing those goals.

For one it’s a great way to quit procrastination but also it’s someone that maybe have some other input that opens my eyes to something I might not have thought of (or I open hers - this is a two way relationship when the mentorship is for your benefit).

Find the right person – you want to be able to talk about anything and you need to keep each others stuff between the two of you – this is essential. Trust need to be there!

Set Goals

If you don’t have goals you don’t know where you are headed and therefor you don’t know which action steps to take. Goals are important. Read this article about it 

goals and dreams

A strong why

Why are you doing this?

Why aren’t you satisfied with being employed?

This goes back to your goals. Are your goals big enough? This is essential because times are going to get tuff and when they are you need to know why you are putting yourself through this.

It won’t always be easy, you will fail, you will second guess yourself so you need something that pulls you through. And know this – You will succeed!

The only way you can fail is if you give up!

Know your target market

This is so important. You got to figure out who you are talking to. Maybe you are selling health products and they can be used by everyone?

If you try to speak to everyone your message won’t be specific enough and no one will listen. Don’t try to talk to exhausted mums and elite athletes at the same time.

Read more about target market in this post 5 traits of Your Target Market

Love what you do

This might be one of the most valuable lesson of them all for two reasons:

  1. If you love what you do people will see it and more easily buy from you – we see that you are genuine and authentic and not pretending or acting. In the long run it’s always the best strategy.
  2. This video sums up #2 pretty well. But basically – you will live longer, be happier and healthier.

Manage Your Time

You want to work smarter, not harder. Many people go into network marketing and get even more to do then they had before.

Travelling to meetings, hunting people down trying to convince them to look at the opportunity, spending hours on the phone calling everyone to find that one interested person.

YES this is work, you need to put in time while you are building it up but why not doing it more efficient?

Why not talk to ONLY the people that already are interested and doing it from the comfort of your own home? Check out my bonus tip below if that sounds good for you!

If you are working from home – truly from home without hotel-meetings and chasing the waiter you might want to read this post: Do You Want To Get More Done In Less Time?

manage time

Work Ethic

I’ve mentioned before that you need to see this like a profession – you need to treat it like you are employed and are doing your best. Set up working hours and keep those.

The beauty of this is that if something comes along you can change your plans and work later but DON’T postpone things all the time.

Have a couple of things you MUST do every day and if you are getting an invite to a lunch with a friend in the middle of the time you had set aside for working on your business immediately schedule in a new time where you can catch up on what you missed.

So, when I say “set up hours and keep those” I mean decide that you are going to work on your business 1 or 3 or 8 hours a day and then do it.

If those three hours are exactly when you first planned them doesn’t really matter as long as you are making time for it!

Say no to fun stuff if you have too much to do! This is real work.

I have noticed that people expect me to be able to drop everything at any time and go and do stuff but that is not the case.

I do have scheduled thing that need to be done on certain times and I can’t just drop everything for a couple of days – that is not the way to run a business.

I recently was on a vacation to Riga, Latvia with my mother and my sister and I got up earlier then they did and worked for an hour every morning.

I had some stuff I needed to do for a client on specific days and times and I got that done – my mother and sister probably didn’t even notice. It’s just a question of planning stuff out.

I had a great vacation and we did sightseeing, shopping and way to much walking and my systems that I have set up kept bringing in cash and new leads.

When you still are employed you might not have the same freedom to work whenever you want as I have but if you stick to your schedule those days will come!

How to implement this 

This list is what I feel is important and I would say you need (almost) everything!

BUT this is also a strange list since it has both practical tips like Facebook groups and e-mail lists and strategic steps like branding yourself.

The most important thing is to love what you do and do what feels good.

Good BUT not to comfortable, you want to grow and to do that you need to get out of your comfort zone. So are you scared to do something – do it anyway.

That is how you become a better person then you where yesterday.

Bonus: Tip 21 - the best tip of them all.

Read the Attraction Marketing Formula E-book. By getting that book you will tick of more than half of this list. 

This book will teach you a strategy to use, it will teach you how to build your brand and all about capture pages and e-mail lists and the bonuses that come with it will teach you more mindset and marketing knowledge that you need to be successful in your online business.

This is the strategy I use to generate leads for my business and the strategy my mentor, the author of the book uses to passively generate 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and onboard 70–100 new serious business builders each month – while drastically reducing rejection.

Click here to learn more about it!

amf bootcamp

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