7 Steps To Succeed Online

Do you want to build your online business?

Create a freedom Lifestyle?

Earn money, working from home, being able to quit your job and be your own boss?

Follow this 7-step formula to get ahead of the competition!

1. Find a need or a problem​

Decide what you want to help people with, what is your strengths or passion? Do what you love and search for a problem that your target market has that you can help solve within your area.

2. Find or Create the solution

Maybe you already have a product or maybe you don't, if you do you need to find the problem that product solves and if you don't you create or find that product that solves the problems you want to help people with.

3. Set up a Sales System

A system that can do all of this automatically is necessary. Register for this free webinar to learn more.

4. Give away free value

Blog, do videos, do free webinars. Give value to your followers and give even more value to the ones giving you their e-mail adress in return. Teach them what they need and help them with their problems and to reach there dreams.

5. Make a compelling offer

Offer your products or services. Make sure you have offers that solves their problems or help them reach their dreams. That your offer is congruent with what you have talked about or just something people want in their life. You cant teach them about how to assemble an engine for a car and then sell a book in gardening. The offer should always be worth more than you are charging for it so they can feel they got value for their money.

6. Follow up​

Get them on an e-mail list by giving away free value in point 4 and then follow up with e-mails. Continue to give value and make offers through the follow up. Make them want to read your e-mails because you are always providing them with things they need.

7. Make Premium Value Offers​

More expensive offers that people probably wont buy of an ad - they'll buy them as they see you are reliable and are providing value. Your cheaper offers gave them more than they paid so they are used to get value for their money. These offers should also give more value then you charge for it.

Do you want to learn how to create your own sales system and offers (or offer what you already sell) and build up your e-mail list of people who know, like and trust you and WANT to buy from you? 

Check out this free webinar where Tim will tell you how to do it.​

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