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Meet Karin

I live in the north of Sweden with my husband and two small poodles. We got fed up working for someone else and not being able to control our income in the way we wanted so a home-based business was exactly right for us.

My husband is still employed but I am working towards him being able to retire as well. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide training in online marketing and help you to start or grow your business online, the attraction marketing principles that I am using applies to anything you would like to sell.

If you are an affiliate marketer, a network marketer or have your own products or courses to sell you can apply what I am blogging about. I am also blogging about mindset - I had a big shift in this area the last couple of years, all for the better so I love to share what I've learned.

My background is quite normal, my last employment was at a car-dealership in administration but as I mentioned we wanted something more and I found Network Marketing.

But as a network marketer we are usually not trained to do marketing. We are trained to talk to everyone we meet and just hope that someone will say yes. I believe we need more skills than that to really succeed

I want to help you with your online struggles, to take your business to the next level or start one if you haven't already! 

I joined my first network marketing company 2014, just for the products. But as I fell in love with them I started learning the business as well. I never got really good at it because the "old-school" way of talking to everyone and calling everyone just wasn't for me. 

I found attraction marketing and now I only work online, never talking to someone who isn't interested to know more. I love this way of doing business and I want to teach it to others.

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Worth reading:

This blogpost is about Cold Market Recruiting and why it can be difficult, it's written by my guestblogger and mentor Ferny Ceballos. 

This blogpost is giving you a little story about why I love attraction marketing - the freedom!

I am also [trying to] living my life according to the law of Attraction. This post is about money-issues:

Some interesting or less interesting facts about me that you get to know because you read all the way down here:

  1. Don't like video-training, why can't anyone write anything down anymore? 
  2. Hate exercise but know we need it. Actually starting be excited about going to yoga classes so everyone can change. 😉
  3. Married since 2015. Love my husband more and more every day.
  4. Live in the middle of the forest. Can't see our closest neighbor.
  5. Love the Swedish summer - to bad it's way to short.
  6. Like to cook and are quit good at it.
  7. Love a glas of red wine.
  8. Are eating a lot of homemade gluten-free pizza at the moment, if someone asked right now that would be my favorite food.
    But that can change 🙂
  9. Don't really like dogs, are afraid of bigger ones. But love my babies!
  10. Want to travel more!