Are You Successful Online?

Recognize this?

  • “Hi My name is Charlene, I have to tell you something.
    Okey what?
    My Company XYZ is the best thing in the world I Love it so much and the products are so good. I have been making money every day since I started and I really love this. You need to sign up.”
  • “Accepting FriendRequest on facebook – 3 sek later a link in your inbox without an explanation”
  • “Accepting FrindRequest on Facebook – 3 sek later added to a group about some random product or opportunity without being asked.”
  • Scrolling through your newsfeed and see way too much posts “about the greatest opportunity ever invented – and you know what – this one is not a scam”. (writing “it’s not a scam” in a post makes me think it is…)

SERIOUSLY – this is how many people do business. I really don’t understand it, are they really successful?

Instead of attacking people with your thing why not be a human being and connect first. Establish a relationship.

Ask questions, talk like a normal person. Your thing might be great but it might not be anything for me. I would never sell makeup, I am not interested whatsoever in learning that.

Yes I use it but it’s definitely not interesting and even if your com-plan is the best invention since the wheel I don’t care – I can’t make money with it because I am just not interested.

BUT maybe I can buy a mascara from you when I need one. I like to support small-business owners.

So when you are talking to the person - establish a need, a problem or a dream that you might be able to help with. If you are talking to me you’ll realize it’s not worth pitching me an opportunity about makeup BUT you might sell something if you haven’t scared me away with the attack about your business first.

Aim at helping people. Seriously WHY does some people think their business is right for everyone.

Newsflash – it isn’t.

I believe in promoting stuff I like and use myself, I don’t believe in doing it just for the money. I could NEVER own a pharmacy or a store selling cigarettes because I don’t believe most of the medicines that exists or the cigarettes is something anyone needs.

I don’t like selling things I wouldn’t touch myself.

My aim is to help people find their online dream-business. If it’s not joining me then fine! I have friends selling makeup, travels, cryptocurrency and all sorts of things so I’ll just refer my connections to what they need and want.

I strongly believe that if I help people find what they need instead of “forcing” them to join me I will be rewarded in the end and I also will feel so much better about myself.

Do you want everyone in your team or do you want people that you can have fun with and grow with?

The wrong person won’t stay anyway but the right people will, isn’t it better to take a little more time in qualifying them and getting to know them before you start talking about your business.

For two reasons,

  1. if you know each other and he or she likes you a little it is more likely that they will listen to you even if they haven’t thought about starting a business yet, if you just pitch before they know you they will say no if they aren’t already looking for it.
  2. You get to find out if this is a person you really want on your team first and if it isn’t you don’t even have to present it to them.

It’s all about relationships and helping people with their problems or reaching their dreams.

What do you need?

  • I need A new opportunity
  • I need to take my existing opportunity online
  • I have my own services or products I want to market online
  • I haven’t started my home-business yet but want to know about some options
  • I need a second stream of income
  • Something else online business-related

I can help you figure it out. 

 Schedule your call here – I’m looking forward to talking to you!

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