Are your Network Marketing Buisness giving you true time-freedom? ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

Are your Network Marketing Buisness giving you true time-freedom?

By Karin Wälivaara | Network Marketing

I’ve been in Network Marketing for about 2,5 years. Until a couple of months ago I was struggling with Cold Prospecting. I was having a hard time with the 3 feet rule (you know what we are told in the beginning that everyone within 3 feet are our prospect). I never really believed that.

Why should I spend my time talking to people who aren’t interested and bother them while I could spend my time helping the people who wants and needs help?

Also,  I am very uncomfortable with approaching strangers with something they aren’t at all interested in. I feel stupid and I really am not comfortable with thinking about everyone as a possible prospect.

When I was in Krakow, Poland in June of this year I still hadn’t found anything else and the entire trip I thought about that I should approach people. I was on a vacation but had this feeling of failure the whole time. Do you know the feeling?

Then I found a way out. I found a way that I could stay with my network marketing company that I really love but not having to talk to everyone in the streets.

I’ve recently been on a vacation in Budapest, Hungary with my husband.

I never once had the thought that I had to approach anyone with anything. My business was running smoothly while I was away as I had automated some stuff. I just had to answer questions and give people what they where asking for during our vacation and I could really enjoy every moment of it.

This is what I call free time!

Make sure they are interested before you bring up your products or opportunity

If you are someone who don’t have a problem with cold prospecting and are attacking everyone you meet with your opportunity or your products you should think about in what way you are doing it.

Many people are successful this way and are doing it in a classy way but as a comparison:

In the City center of Budapest there where some shops selling Soap with minerals from the Dead Sea. Something I possibly could be interested in.

But there where people outside those shops trying to get everyone inside, handing out free samples of that soap.

I got really annoyed at them and never went inside that store, what do you think about that tactic?

They are just jumping everybody hoping that someone will say yes. I mean attacking my husband with samples of soap?!!? Just stupid.

They don’t know anything about the people they are attacking. I think they should do a comparison and try a month or so without those people and see what happens.

I think they’ll sell more. Or maybe the soap is terrible so the only way to sell it is to force people inside. Who knows?

Also, there was a sightseeing company in Budapest who wanted you to go with their buses.

Since they attacked us wherever we went in that town I would not hire them for anything, just completely annoying.

One thing that hit me was how they knew we were tourists. Or didn’t they even care about that? 

For me that is repulsion marketing. Read this post if you are having problems with cold market recruiting.

If I walk into a store that has that kind of employees I don’t buy even if I am after something that they have, I often go somewhere else.

I think many people do. How about you? A salesperson should be there to help me if I have questions and want to know more about something.

They shouldn’t be there to shove something down my throat.

It’s a fine line between doing it the right way when using traditional Network Marketing methods and just pissing everybody of. That’s probably why many people fail.

I will never know how I got mixed up in Network Marketing since that kind of approach is so far away from my personality you can come.

But it started with the products that I love and want to share with other people because they have done so much for me and my family and friends. I want to help others to find them and I realized that the system that is Network Marketing is a better way.

Now I can do my Network Marketing business in a way that feels comfortable for me, that feels right and that gives me the true freedom of a homebased business, not having to go to Starbucks for meetings all the time.

I can also serve my customers and teammates wherever I am and educate and help those who really are asking for it and want my help instead of wasting both my time and other peoples time talking to those who aren’t at all interested.

Are you interested in another way to do it? Check out the free Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp and see if it might be a fit for you to! 

I wish you great success in your business.


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