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How to Turn Perfect Strangers into Passionate Business-Builders Using Online Sales Funnels

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing , Network Marketing , Recruiting

Funnels is essential in building a business online. My mentor Ferny Ceballos will walk you through what a funnel is and how YOU can use it to build your Network Marketing team! Just keep reading!If you’ve ever visited an IKEA (or even your local grocery store), then you’ve already experienced what’s called a “sales funnel.” Basically, […]

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How to Get Your Prospects to Invite Themselves to Take a Look at Your Business

By Karin Wälivaara | Network Marketing , Recruiting

This sound familiar..? You’re constantly inviting people to take a look at your business—but all too often you’re hearing a resounding, “No!” …or worse yet, “Let me think about it.” Kinda discouraging, right? Maybe you’ve started thinking to yourself…“Sheesh, I just want to stop CHASING people!”“How do I get people to ASK ME about my business?”“How can I finally […]

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Why Blogging is Critical for Today’s Digital Marketer

By Karin Wälivaara | Blogging , Internet Marketing , Network Marketing

Want more leads, recruits, and sales for your business? Well, here’s a not-so-secret secret of today’s most-successful digital marketers… If you’re not already building a brand and establishing your authority through a blog, then it’s time to get started today (or get left behind). There’s simply isn’t a more effective tool to convert traffic into leads, leads into […]

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What is a sales funnel?

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

What is a sales funnel?Have you heard the term sales funnel before? Ever wondered what it is? Let me clarify that for you! An example of an offline sales funnel can be your local grocery store. They have spread out the usual things like bread,milk and meat throughout the store just so you have to pass all the […]

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