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Best Tool To Automate Your Pinterest

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

Automate your pinning using my favorite tool - Tailwind and market your business more effective. Save a LOT of time!

If you aren't using Pinterest for your business yet you need to read this first! I highly recommend that you make Pinterest a part of your marketing strategy!

Pinterest want you to be active and to spread your pinning through out the day is recommended. But that is a huge time-suck to login to Pinterest and pin every other hour, right?

That is why I use Tailwind. It has so many great features and saves me a lot of time.

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Set your Schedule

You can either set your schedule manually by adding all the times you want Tailwind to publish your pins or you can use their built-in feature which knows when the best times to post on your particular account is. 

Tailwind knows when your followers are most active so having them automatically generate your schedule is recommended. 

Get your free trial of Tailwind here.

Your pins are being published when you are most likely to get most engagement not when you have time during the day to sit and pin manually.

Plan Your Content

automate your pinning

Fill up your schedule with pins and then Tailwind will pin them for you when the time is up.

Add new pins directly through Tailwind.

Pinterest likes when you re-pin other peoples content as well as pinning your own new stuff (or re-pinning oldies that work)

With Tailwind you can add a chrome-extension (might be available for other browsers as well) and when you are on Pinterest (or anywhere else on the internet) you can press that button and choose all the images you want to schedule and then either save as draft or add to your schedule right away. 

This has saved me a lot of time! I can pin once a week for the entire week and Tailwind spreads out the pins during the day, I still go to Pinterest a couple of times a week and pin a few pins and follow new people - I want to show Pinterest that I use the platform as well! 

Tailwind Tribes

Another great feature of Tailwind are their tribes. You join one or more tribes in your niche and then you add your own pins there and get them re-pinned by the other members. And of course you re-pin their pins as well.

This is a great way of getting more eye-balls on your pins and also find good content to pin on your boards that are congruent with what you are pinning about.

I am getting a lot of re-pins from the tribes that I wouldn't get otherwise! 

Smart Loop

A new feature is smart loops. In there you add your best performing pins and set your schedule on how often you want them pinned to different boards and then Tailwind will automatically post them for you. 

Set it and forget it! You get your pins pinned again without having to do it yourself and you also get statistics right there inside of each pin to see if they continue to perform or not! 

The red dots on some of the posts in the picture of the schedule above is pins that come from loops.

In that picture there are only from one "loop group" but you can create multiple groups within your loops for different kind of pins and set different rules for posting. 

They'll appear in your schedule with different colored dots 🙂 

This feature alone is worth using Tailwind for.

But don't take my word for it. Click here to get your free trial and try it out for yourself!

Happy Pinning!

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