You are Unique, take advantage of that when building your business.

We all have different skillsets, mindsets and personalities. Why not use your best abilities to your advantage when building your business?

In Network Marketing they say that our business should be repeatable i.e. our downline should be able to do the same thing we are doing. BUT what if me and my sponsor are two completely different people? What if he or she enjoys talking to everyone they meet thinking of them as a possible prospect? What if he or she meets 20 new people a day without even going anywhere else then yesterday? I can’t duplicate that.

I hate thinking about everyone I meet as a prospect, I hate not being able to have a normal conversation without thinking about bringing up my opportunity. And I really don’t want to go out every day just trying to find those people. For me it is a home-business for a reason.

There are a lot of people rocking it by talking to everyone they meet and talking to a certain number of people will absolutely get you to where ever you want. That number will be different though. You might need to talk to 100 people before one says yes. And someone else can talk to that exact same 100 people and get 10 yeses.

I am totally certain that way of Network Marketing will exist even in the future but we are all different! I have turned to the Internet and Attraction Marketing. I work from home (or wherever I want) and are only talking to people who are interested in getting to know more, who are asking for it.  I don’t talk to everyone I meet because that just isn’t me. That isn’t the way I want to do business. I would probably not have survived in Network Marketing before the Internet…

With that said – Is my business repeatable? Absolutely – for some people! Just as I’m not interested in going out bothering people who aren’t interested, this internet thing isn’t for everyone. I have a person in my downline who know “my way” of doing it but never would do it like this herself. She wants the traditional way and does it well. I know how to prospect and cold-market recruit, I can do it in theory and have been doing it but it doesn’t interest me at all. 

So all this talk about teaching your downline all you know. Well maybe I am not the best person to teach cold-market prospecting but a network contains all kinds of people so if we work together, share our knowledge and take advantage of each other’s strengths we can all succeed.

I think you should teach your down-line what they want to know. I think you should at least know where to get the knowledge to put them in the right direction. Talk to your people and find out what they want and what their strengths are. Help them set goals and teach them to take action towards those goals.

This is how I think you should build your business in network marketing.

  1. First start talking to close friends and family selling them the PRODUCTS! Don’t mention the business, trying to recruit everyone. Get them signed up as customers and you’ll start to make money right away. You can for example ask them to help you get your business started by trying out your products for a month or three months or something. Some of them might fall in love with the products and ask about the business then, the others might be good customers buying more from you.
  2. Find out any and every way people are building their organization in. What appeals to you? What sounds crazy? But don’t dismiss anything just get the knowledge.
  3. Listen to your sponsor, he or she has your best interest in mind – at least they should have. If you find out they don’t, you have chosen the wrong sponsor. Listen to them but don’t let them dictate – it is YOUR business.
  4. Pick the way to build that feels best for you and that suits your personality and skills. Ask for help and LEARN, take classes and invest in yourself then you will grow and be even more successful. Invest in training so you become an expert.
  5. Make sure that the ones you do recruit for the business, however you choose to recruit them, are the right people. That they are in It for the right reason. Don’t settle and sign up anyone. Qualify your people or you will get a lot more work than you want.

Let everyone bloom and don’t force anyone to call 100 people of some list you make them put together – but if they want to do that let them!

When deciding what feels right for you, you have to consider the Comfort Zone. Most of the things you want to do that feels uncomfortable are essential that you do anyway! You NEED to get out of that zone to grow and become a better person BUT learn to know the difference between your gut telling you something is wrong and your comfort zone putting obstacles in your way. Get to know yourself. 

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