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What You Need To Know When You Blog For Your Business

By Karin Wälivaara | Blogging

What do you need to think about when utilizing a blog for your business?

How do you make money from a blog?

I am going to start to blog more frequently and my blog might change a bit. 

I hope you will follow me through this!

It will still give tips, help and training for taking your business online but it won’t focus as much on Network Marketing anymore – it will be more overall online business.

Even though succeeding in Network Marketing online is and still will be a part of that.

For that purpose, I have of course learned more about what I need and listened to some great minds in the blogging industry.

This post is all about what you need to have and need to do as a blogger if you want to make money!

Post consistently.

Your readers will learn when to start expect things from you so pick a schedule and stick to it. This is something I have been very bad at and there will be a change.

Pick a number of posts you want to do a week and stick to that. Pick something that you can manage. If you can do five posts a week then fine do that but remember that quality is far more important than quantity.

blog for business schedule

For me I will stick to once a week every Tuesday! So that is what you have to look forward to from me. I will increase this to twice a week when I am ready and more organized 😀

If you have decided something like this then it will help in keeping yourself accountable. You have promised your readers and yourself that you will post a new blog every Tuesday and then you have to make sure you have it written and good to go.

The more you can post the better but quality over quantity!

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Always have a Call to Action

In your posts you should always have a CTA (call to action). What is the purpose of the post? What do you want people to do after they have consumed your awesome content?

Do you want them to download a free pdf so they end up on your e-mail list or do you want them to buy something?

Always have a "step two" in your posts and something that is congruent with the article itself of course.

Don’t write an article about Vegan food and then offer them a recipe book of hamburgers – that won’t work.

Either decide a topic for your post and then grab something you have that is congruent or decide on something you want to promote and write about a topic that fits that CTA.

Have an e-mail list!

This is the biggest thing in online marketing! You need your e-mail list! You have your CTA and in some or most cases you want that to lead to you getting peoples e-mail addresses, so you can follow up with them.

For that you need an autoresponder and I use Getresponse – which I can highly recommend, it has worked very well for me.

Next week I will publish a post about creating your e-mail list - you don’t want to miss that. 

Social Media

Use social media to get your posts out there – it's not enough to have a great article you need to have eyes on it.

Right now my favorite place to share my blog on is Pinterest! Follow me!

Share it in as many places as possible and if you have the budget for it – use paid advertising to get people to find it. More on that later.

Invest in online courses.

You need to learn, to grow and become better so you need courses. And as good as some of the free ones are – there are always more value in the paid ones. (if you find the right teachers)

Investigate and take their freebies to evaluate if you think they would give enough value in a paid training. And then invest… You need it!

Design is crucial for user experience.

You want to make your content and blog attractive, so that people will stick around and read!

A few steps for easy navigation and a good layout! 

  • Use a two column layout
  • Make sure your menu is clear and simple.
  • Don't have to much things going on - not to much banners, popups and stuff like that.
  • check
    If you have a popup make sure it doesn't appear to soon.
  • check
    A little larger font to make it easy to read
  • check
    Sub-headings break up the text and it makes it easier to follow. (And you'll interrupt the people that just scan the text hand have them stop and read if the subheading is interesting enough.
  • check
    Don't forget images to illustrate your points

 But about images - don't just borrow images from google or something. Most images online are copy-righted. Make sure the ones you choose are free to use, buy images or use your own.

Here I have a post with some tips on where to find free ones

5 Free Stock Photo Sites

How to make money of your blog

The easiest way is to sign up to different affiliate programs and link relevant ones in your blog-posts. For example Amazon has one - if you are blogging about books for example you can link to your affiliate links and get a percentage when people are buying from your links.

There are other affiliate programs that are selling more expensive things and that give higher percentages and one of my favorite ones is Elite Marketing Pro.

I highly recommend everyone to check it out - just to learn online marketing. To learn how to market ANY business online. Because of the value I have gotten from them since I joined the affiliate side of things are just a bonus in this case, I would recommend them anyway.

You can also blog about your Network Marketing products for example.

The best thing is to

Create your own courses or other products .

..and sell that. Then you truly own your business.

This is where the e-mail list comes in again. When people are reading this post for example I will at the bottom give a link to a free training on how to drive traffic to your blog-posts and lead magnets. 

People will need to give there e-mail adress to be able to watch the video-training but because it is so valuable training most people do.

In this case they will end up on Elite Marketing Pro's e-mail list and will get offers from them and if someone like what they see but aren't ready to buy right now they will continue to get e-mails with value and offers until they unsubscribe or buy something. 

That is the power of an e-mail list, because of that you are able to stay in front of people for longer and maybe make a sale months later - so don't forget to read my blog about that next week!

The Pomodoro Technique.

A little bonus to be more productive and finish your blog posts faster. To be more efficient when writing! Oh, now my bell rang and I need to take a short break – I’ll be right back and explain why!

I'm back!

It’s really simple but works really well.

You work focused for a time period (normally 25 minutes) and then take a 5-10 minute break and then work again. This works wonders for your productivity. Read more on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

blog for business - productive hour glass

It’s important to stay focused during those working minutes and turn of every distraction only focusing on your goal for that time.

For me it’s also a great way of not get my neck-pain that I can get if I sit in front of the computer for to long. I also always leave the computer during the breaks and set a timer for the breaks (not to take too long breaks but not to take too short ones)

That is why this is great for the brain – to take some time off and recharge and it also focuses you on the task better than if you just sit down for a couple of hours.

How do you get people to find your posts

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