Why You Need To Start To Build Your E-mail List ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

Why You Need To Start To Build Your E-mail List

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

Do you have an e-mail list? Why not?

This is still the best way to market your business weather you are an affiliate marketer, a network marketer or are selling your own products or services. (Or whatever business you are in)

  • By 2020 e-mail is expected to be used by 3 billion people
  • 205 billions e-mail are sent every day
  • For every $1 you spend on e-mail marketing you can expect a return on investment of $38
  • E-mail grows your business

E-mail is the easiest way to stay in front of people but as anything it is a skill to learn. 

Who are you writing to?

You need to be clear on your customer avatar and target market and this isn't always the easiest thing to do. You might have products that can be used by a lot of different people but the language they speak are different.

Their pains and problems, dreams and desires are different so to reach anyone you need to specifically speak to that person. Be clear on who you are speaking to that is essential to your success.

You need to know what to say, how to speak to that person. More about your target market in this post: 5 traits of Your Target Market

Be real

Write (almost) as you would to a friend, use your real voice, talk about personal stuff - tell stories about your life, pets, struggles, failures and wins. 

People has to connect to you and get to know you. That will increase the likelihood of them buying something in the future

Remember when you write your e-mail that it is one person that is reading it! Write to that person and not to a bunch of people. 

Talk to the person almost as you are speaking to someone sitting across from you at the table. Use an easy language! This is not a essay.

You want people to get to know, like and trust you.

Write often

To be good at this it's practice, practice, practice. When you write to your e-mail list no one knows if there is one person there or 5000 people - only you know. So when you have a small list - write regularly anyway.

Set an amount of e-mails you are going to send to your list every week and stick to that. Some "gurus" says you should write an e-mail a day to your list but I say you need to pick something that you can stick to. 

Don't overwhelm yourself. And in the beginning it will be hard. It will take longer to write every e-mail until you have found your voice.

I am still "in training" I would say but it gets easier and if you want to hop on my list you can do that here. You'll get three e-mails a week teaching you how to build your online business.

We love stories

Tell a story. A story about anything in your life and in the world really, then connect that story to your product or offer.

Facts tell, stories sell.

We want to be entertained and stories are something that we always have listened to - all the way back to when we where cave-men and sat around our camp-fires. That is how we passed on information through generations and thought our children what they needed.

You remember a story - you don't remember facts.

Begin your story with time and place. 


Last night me and my husband went to some friends for a party...

Last week I was driving my car and....

People are more likely to read when they see it might be a story involved. That gets attention.

Hop on e-mail lists of people you admire and read their e-mails and model (not copy) their style of writing. Find your own voice in all of it but to learn from people who are excellent writers are highly suggested.

Pick up a freebie that you find interesting from this page and you'll start receiving e-mails from Vitaly Grinblat. He is an excellent writer to model. And you'll get a laugh at some of his e-mails too.

What to offer your list

First of all only offer things that you either have created yourself or that you have tried and like. Things that you are using or would use if you needed it.

Don't just sell to sell. It's your reputation at stake and if you sell something bad it's not likely that person will buy from you again. 

But if she is happy with what she got the next time you offer something she needs she trust you already and don't have to think twice before getting it.

You are in this for the long run right?

How to get people to open your e-mail

The first thing people see is the subject line and that determines if they will open or not. Our inboxes are full and we scan through the subjects to see what grabs our attention.

There are some things that stand out. Don't use the same type of subject-line in every e-mail then it won't be as effective - mix it up.

e-mail shock
  • Chocking - something they wouldn't expect
  • Benefit - something they need and will get from this e-mail
  • Tips - 10 tips on how to...
  • Question - What do you think...?
  • News - Just in! ... 

Send the e-mail to yourself from your autoresponder and see how it stands out in your own inbox. Would you open it?

Have an Autoresponder

There are lots of autoresponders out there. An autoresponder is simply a service that keeps your list, where people can subscribe and unsubscribe and where you send your e-mails from. 

You need one because you can't handle a list of more than 10 inside your e-mail software. People have to be able to unsubscribe easily and in Europe you now need proof that they have signed up themselves as well according to the new GDPR law.

The autoresponder you choose should take care of those things!

I use Getresponse which works great and have a lot of other features built in as well. Check it out here.

Don't forget your CTA

Always have a call to action in your e-mail. Tell them what you want them to do next. Buy something, get on a call with you, read your blog post or whatever but you need to tell them.

Ones in a while you can do your whole e-mail as a sales pitch but don't do that to often. Your main focus is to provide value and help your subscribers with their needs.

What if people unsubscribe?

Good! You don't want people on the list that don't like what you are doing. They are never going to buy anyway. The people that connects with you will stay and those are the ones you want to keep talking to. 

Proof of why you need your list!

One of the sales I got last month from my e-mail list was to a person that has been on my list since November 2016. The time wasn't right for her until now. 

People are sometimes interested but they for whatever reason can't buy now. It can take a month, three months or 1 and a half years but if you don't have a way to stay in front of them they will never buy. 

If she only had seen my ad in November 2016 do you think she would have remembered who I was - found me again now and bought from me if she hadn't gotten my e-mails ever since?

I highly doubt it!

How to get people on your list

Check out this Free Webinar where you for example will learn how to get the best people onto your website and make them sign up for your e-mail list. Enjoy!


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Very good post Karin full of good facts and evidence abut list building thats difficult to ignore.Thanks for researching and putting together these compelling facts,Lots of people will be able to relate to them

    Karin Wälivaara

    I am glad you liked it Dave! Thank you for stopping by.

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