How to write Awesome Ad Copy that Closes More Sales ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

How to write Awesome Ad Copy that Closes More Sales

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

Want to sell more of your products, recruit more team-members and make more money in your business?

Sounds like a plan, right?

First you need to learn how to find prospects - a lot of them to expose to your offers. The bet place to find them is social media. You just write your posts and ads and have them find you - easy right?

But it's not as easy as it sound. It's a skill to learn but with a lot of practice you can learn it to!

It all starts with telling your story, whatever your story is. Be real and be authentic. You want people to get to know, like and trust you!

Tell them about your problems and pains because then people relate to you. Someone has gone through the same or similar.

When you get good at telling your story and showing people there is a solution you can sell anything. 

My friends Whit and Cari has a for step strategy for writing KILLER ad copy that closes more sales - check it out below and start writing your own!

1. Pain

Maybe you’ve heard it said: if you try to advertise to everybody, you will attract nobody.

Always remember that when you’re advertising, you are not advertising to the masses, you are speaking to ONE person. Write your post to ONE prospect.

Now, what is the pain that your ideal prospect – that one person – is going through?

You are probably writing to someone who is where you where  a while back so remember the pain your where in - the troubles you had.

Make it authentic with feeling!

You need to write from that pain, where the experience is coming from.

If you haven't gone through a really painful thing to use the neat thing about writing is that you can watch other people go through a struggle, and write that copy from an outsider’s perspective, based on their experience.

This is where 95% of people struggle with advertising, because learning to write from the pain is a skillset that takes time to build.

Take time to learn this! It will help you tremendously.

You might be thinking…

“Everybody’s telling the same story.”

And that’s great!

It just means there’s a huge opportunity for you to do something different to make yourself stand out.

Let me give you an example.

People LOVE watching underdog movies

That’s why they keep making them, right?

Every underdog movie is exactly the same story – just with different characters and a different plot.

It’s the same thing when it comes to writing your ad copy.

You might be telling the same story, but you’re a different person and it’s a different plot.

So don’t worry about…

“I’m just writing the same thing as everybody else.”

You might be writing about the same pain points, but the plot and the characters are going to be different.

What you’re doing is taking people on a journey with you, and visiting pain points along the way.

But, and this is important…

You’re not being a “Debbie Downer!”

You’ll just hit two, three, maybe four pain points, and then you’re going to move into step two of the formula, which is the solution to the pain.

The solution or benefit is what you’ve found to get out of that pain you were feeling.

For example, let’s say that you are in a health and wellness MLM, and you offer a weight loss shake.

There’s a big difference between posting a picture of you drinking your shake, saying…

“I lost five pounds in a week. Message me and ask how I did it.”

…and talking about whatever pain it was that made you want to lose the weight.

What was the pain you felt before you lost that five or ten pounds?

  • Did you just feel unhealthy?
  • Did your heart hurt?
  • Were you exhausted all the time?

Maybe you were a mom who still hadn’t lost the baby weight after three years and you were terrified to wear a bikini in public.

A guy I know mastered his pain story—when he writes about his weight loss journey, he actually shares about how he was so uncomfortable with the way he looked that he’d turn out the lights when he was intimate with his wife.

That is the pain!

When you read that, suddenly, your heart is like, “Oh, my gosh!”

If you can get into the heart of the person who is reading your ad, then they’re going to be willing to listen to whatever else it is that you have to say.

So pain is first.

2. Solution

The solution isn’t immediately saying…

“Ask me how I did it – using this awesome, delicious shake!”

Instead, your solution is to provide education – how you changed your lifestyle, how you changed your mindset, how you changed your diet, etc.

Help them get clear on their wants and desires from where they’re currently at.

Once you’ve established the pain point, you have their attention, and they’re listening to you.

Now you need to ask…

  • What are their wants and desires moving on from that pain point?
  • Where do they want to go from here?

That’s where the solution comes into play.

So you don’t just jump right into the solution…

“Hey, drink my shake, that’s the solution!”

Once you’ve gotten their attention, you must educate them first.

3. Benefit

Now ask: what is the benefit for them, if they take action?

You’ve established the pain point, you’ve educated them, and now what is the benefit for them for taking action?

How is this going to help?

“I’m fatigued all the time. Is this going to help me change my lifestyle, so I’m not as fatigued anymore?”

Now again, your benefit’s not, “Drink my shake!”

The benefit is this:

How is this going to help them move from where they’re currently at, to where they want to be?

If you’re that mom who was terrified to put on the bikini and now you’ve lost weight, you can now talk about…

“I just bought my first bikini since the birth of my baby and I’m going on a cruise in February!”

For the guy that was talking about turning off the lights, the benefit that he shared was…

“Guess what, I’m not afraid anymore. The lights are on, clothes are coming off, and I’m feeling good about myself!”

Powerful, right?

To recap…

  1. You’re digging into the pain
  2. You’re educating them on what the solution is that you’ve found
  3. Then you’re giving them a benefit

And finally…

4. CTA

The “Call to Action” is the single most important part of the ad.

You might do everything right in the first three steps, but if you don’t put the icing on the cake with the right call to action, your ad won’t work.

So don’t drop the ball!

Because if you don’t give them a direct call to action, you’re not helping them move forward and change their lives.

You want to give them the option to connect with you, right now!

And tell them exactly how to do it.

Now, that’s our 4-step formula for writing a winning ad.

But you’re not finished yet!

Here are a few essential questions to ask before you post it…

1. Is it engaging?

This question is critical to the success of your ad…

  • Does it keep the reader interested, or is it kinda dry and boring?

Hint: boring doesn’t sell.

But, it also needs to be relatable, so you’ve got to ask…

  • Does it focus on the benefit to that reader?

Again, are you speaking to ONE person and telling them a story they can relate to?

2. Is it clear?

Clarity is HUGE, so you need to ask…

  • Is it easy to understand; easy to read?
  • Does the reader know exactly what I want them to do when they are finished reading my post or ad?

Remember, the call to action is the most important part of your ad.

So make sure that you stay clear, on point, moving forward throughout your message.

3. Is it Concise?

Sometimes, especially when you venture into the land of long story ads, you end up being repetitive.

So as you’re going through your ad or post, at every single line, you need to ask:

  • Does this need to be here?
  • Is this important for my story?
  • Does it make the reader want to read the next line?

The point of every line is to get them to read the next one.

If they’re not willing to read the next line, you’ve lost them.

So make sure that you’re taking them on this journey with you fairly quickly.

4. Is it persuasive?

When I’m consulting with people, looking at their ads, I always ask…

“Would you click on this? Would you want to learn more?”

70-80% people tell me, “No.”

This question gets the wheels turning.

They start thinking…

“I need to be more persuasive in my writing.”

It all comes from being unique, and telling your own story.

Stop with the “cookie-cutter” ads, okay!

If you run generic, cookie-cutter ads, without sharing anything personal about yourself whatsoever, you’ll never have success.

Remember what training is: training is just training; it’s a guideline.

YOU have to fill in the gaps.

Whether it’s training about writing a post or running an ad, it’s all about making everything unique to you.

When we started, we understood that right away. It’s what helped us build a lot of momentum.

We wanted to make everything unique; different from everyone else’s.

Your story can stand out from other peoples story

I guarantee that your story will relate to people that others story won’t.

That’s the beauty of being a human being; we each have our own story to tell.

Follow this four-step formula, understand the essentials, and you will rock it when you write your own ad copy!

And your homework is to sit down and write some killer ad copy, right now.

I don’t care what platform you’re using.

If you start right now, by the end of this week, you will have written a killer ad or post—virtually guaranteed.

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​The 4 step formula was first shared by Whit and Cari Higham in this post

Get started with your ads right away! 😉

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