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5 Free Stock Photo Sites

By Karin Wälivaara | Blogging

To create your blog posts and social media posts you need pictures. Although it is best to use your own - especially on Social Media it can be a great idea to have some places where you can find images for different topics. 

You can't just Google an image and then use it - most images are copyright protected so always make sure they are free to use to avoid fines. 

I frequently use Stock Photos and here I list 5 sites that offer free alternatives.

1. Pixabay


2. Unsplash

free stock photos-unsplash-workspace
free stock photos-unsplash-girltexting
free stock photos-unsplash-sunset

3. Pexels

free stock photos-pexels-girldesert
free stock photos-pexels-fruit
free stock photos-pexels-coffee

pinterest - stock photos

4. Picography

free stock photos-picography-flowers
free stock photos-picography-computerlake
free stock photos-picography-desk

5. Freestocks

free stock photos-freestocks-meditating
free stock photos-picography-grape
free stock photos-picography-iphone

Go to the sites and download and post away! I am just happy I got to post some flowers and grapefruits that not usually fits into my blog posts. 

I hope you find something you like and that fits your content.

If you did I am happy if you share! Thank you!


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