Getting things done

Whatever you are involved in you have to manage your time to get things done. If you are employed someone tells you what to do and when to do it. At least they tell you when they want it done.

If you are self-employed you need to take responsibility for your time-management yourself. It can be difficult working from home. Everything is stealing your attention. The hamper is full of dirty clothes, the sink is full of dishes, there are dust in the corners and your mother in law are coming over later.

The things you need to do for your business is easy to procrastinate. No one will ever know right? That has to stop. You need to do the things you have planned to do and if you don’t even have a plan you are in trouble.

First make sure you have a goal. Make sure you have a vision of where you want to be, what you want to accomplish.

Then think about what you need to do to get there. Your goal won’t be achieved if you don’t take action towards it.

Before you go to bed you make a list of things you need to do the next day. The reason why you do it the night before is because then your brain starts working on it while you are asleep and that will get you off to a god start.

This list you can do in different ways. But don’t put too much on it. If you only have an hour to work you just put things for one hour and that hour you really focus!

Some says that you should put the things you need to do in the order they need to be done with the most important thing first and then do them after the list. Some say that you need to put an exact time when to do what and how much time you should use. Some say that it has to be 5 things each day or 10 things each day. Personally I just write them down and then I do them in the order that feels right when I do it (with an exception of the most important and urgent things – you need to prioritize.)

As I am writing this I check my list for today and blogging is not on it…. Everything isn’t crossed over either so I am cheating. Well at least I am not cleaning the house.

Sometimes I feel inspired and I just needed to do this now. It is okay because my top priorities are done and I have the time today but if I had something else I needed to do I wouldn’t go off the list.

So how do you write your list? Well you do it exactly in the way that suits you the best. Pick if you want to prioritize from the beginning or if you need to have exactly five things to do. Choose if you only want to write down work-related things or if you want to put vacuuming on your list aswell. I do that. I sometimes put down that because then I know it will be done. I hate vacuuming.

So it depends… If you are working with your home-business one hour a day I wouldn’t put chores on the list but if you want to incorporate your work with your personal life, why not?

There are a bunch of apps with to-do lists and calendars you can use. I prefer an old-fashioned calendar. I want to write and I want to be able to put in post-its. I love my calendar – I have designed it myself so I got exactly what I want.

What kind of action steps for your business you should write down is hard to say. I don’t know your goals and I don’t even know what business you are in but the bigger the goals the larger the steps. Focus on moneymaking activities for the most time of your workday, it doesn’t matter if it is one hour or eight hours. You first need to get customers. If you are in Network Marketing building offline go out and talk to people (or call them) that is the only way, you’ll expand your business. The more people you talk to the faster you will grow. If you are into internet marketing, put out some ads, evaluate, put content in front of the right people. Contact your leads and give them what they need.

Try this for 30 days and see what you have accomplished. It is not difficult and you will get results if you set your priorities straight.

Good luck and it would be fun to hear how you did!

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