Don’t Do What The Gurus Say! Follow YOUR Path To Your Success! ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

Don’t Do What The Gurus Say! Follow YOUR Path To Your Success!

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

Do you want success in your business and in your life?

How could you get there?

Should you do what the gurus tell you to?

It makes sense to do what people who already are where you want to be have done right?

But there are probably multiple people that are where you want to be and they have all different stories and different tips and tricks.

Listen to them all and find YOUR way

Don’t just find the one that are already there but also the one that got there in a way that feels good for you. That are doing stuff you love and using strategies that make sense to you.

Don’t do Cold Market Prospecting or Cold Calling

Cold Market prospecting and Cold calling never made sense to me but that was all I was taught when I started network marketing. Don't do that unless you love it and are good at it, unless you like approaching strangers and be in recruiting mode every time you go outside. If you are like me and don't think that is the way to your Success you should check this out!

Don’t write a list of you 100 family and friends

I would definitely approach that list in a different way if I where to start over… That really screwed me over when it comes to family and friends.

Talk to them like a real person don’t just try to recruit that will never work.

Skip that, they'll come when they see what you are doing and want a piece of the cake. OR talk to them when they are complaining about something you or your opportunity can solve.

If I had continued with cold market recruiting as I was told I would probably be an employee somewhere right now. And that’s not what I want.

Don’t do Facebook LIVE


Every online guru says that it’s the way to go – you need to do lives. I’ve even heard that you won’t succeed if you don’t do them.

I have no problem doing lives BUT I don’t like watching them. Yes sometimes it can be kind of fun but there are WAY TO MANY in my newsfeed. Who has time to watch them all? People never get to the point in a live and what could take 3 minutes takes 15…. No thanks. I’ve decided I don’t want to add to that.

I will do stuff my own way and with that I’m not saying I won’t do a Facebook live ever again. I probably will but when I do it’s going to be for a reason. I won’t do them just because people say it’s the only way to market right now.

My strategy is Attraction marketing – if you don’t know what that is check out my free bootcamp but it means that people are coming to me asking for more information because they like what I do.

So Why should I do things that aren’t in align with who I am? That’s lying don’t you think?

EDIT: Video is getting bigger and people love watching video. It seem to be the future of the world.

 I have to edit my view on this. But I still want to say - don't do them just for the sake of doing them. Just because you are told. Make sure they are interesting and bringing value. Quality over Quantity.

Don’t build your business online


If you love cold market recruiting and/or cold calling – don’t build your business online. Do what you love and are good at! Go out and crush it!

But if you want to leverage the internet and the fact that we are living in the 21th century you might want to check out my bootcamp – this is a strategy that works.

I am not saying it’ll work for everyone. It takes passion and hard work but it is something most people can learn and compared to cold market prospecting I think a lot more people have a chance to succeed with online strategies.

Don’t do things you don’t like – find your passion

Comfort Zone

And with this I don’t want to say that it will be easy, that you should skip things that are hard to do. You want to expand your comfort zone, you want to grow BUT in my opinion there is a difference.

Not everything that feels hard to do is outside of your comfort zone...

Speaking on stage terrifies me. Even speaking in a group of people terrifies me. But when I’ve done it I feel so good about myself. Even if I right before are almost walking away because it’s so hard (need to practice that more….)

Cold Market Prospecting doesn’t terrify me in the same way. It feels completely wrong, it feels like I am trying to be someone else. And even if the person signs up I feel terrible afterwards. There is NOTHING good about that experience for me.

Do it YOUR way! Expand your comfort zone, find people that are where you want to be but are getting there in a way that feels like you could have fun doing it.

And don’t be afraid to change. If you are doing something and finding out that this isn’t for you – find something else.

I was in a health and wellness company and that’s how I discovered Network Marketing, although I still love the products and the company I feel that Health isn’t something I want to work with, I have no passion for it. It’s kind of boring. So why should I? I won’t stop recommending the products if someone needs them but I am not active in that company anymore.

I want to do MY thing.

Find someone that inspires you and are willing to guide you to success.

Some final advice – it’s highly beneficial to follow the gurus and find what works for you but the thing that helps the most is to find a mentor that are just a few steps ahead of you.

That has recently gone through what you are going through right now and are willing to help you move forward hands-on. Face it – the gurus can’t speak to everyone…. Unless you are paying $1000 for half an hour you will probably not be able to talk to them one-on-one at least not more than once….

So find your go-to person! 

Attraction Marketing Bootcamp

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