How Not To Prospect In The “Real” World

It was a spring day about a year ago. I and a girl in my downline decided to do what everyone told us to do.

Go out in the streets and talk to everyone we met about our products.

Yeah we went for the products. The business seemed even harder – the products everyone needs but the business is not for everyone.

We choose a bigger city about 45 minutes, in car, away from where we live so we wouldn’t run into people we knew.

We went around a couple of hours, stopped for coffee and didn’t talk to a single person. The only thing we did was leaving some flyers in different places (which no one contacted us from)

An epic fail!

Have you ever done this?

I knew I couldn’t go on like this. I really hated this approach. Probably it works for some people but It doesn’t for me. The girl I was with has given up trying to make Network Marketing work for her. A love for the products isn’t enough.

But I didn’t want to give up, I was determined to succeed. I knew that network marketing was a better way. I just wanted a different way of doing it, a way that suits me and who I am.

I wanted people to come to me and I also wanted it to be a home-based business. I don’t want to go out just to find people to talk to – 95 % will not be interested at all so why should I bother them?

I found a book that showed me how to do everything I wanted. If you only are going to read one book this year I highly recommend The Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Ceballos.

It has thought me the way I want to do business and the way that will make it possible for me to retire my husband so we can truly find time-freedom and do what we want whenever we want.

I’ve learned how to do Network Marketing online and also how to market anything so I don’t have to rely on one source of income.

I’ve learned to make the business about me and to brand myself.

I’ve learned how to get the prospects to qualify themselves even before I talk to them. I don’t talk to people who aren’t at all interested any more. I only talk to the ones who have expressed an interest in what I am doing and in this way, I get to talk to more interested people every day – not wasting my time or their time.

And I learn more every day! Learning is growing!

If you want to learn this to I recommend that you check out our free 10-day bootcamp. You’ll be able to implement it in your business and see results if you stick to it.

If you are like me and don’t like cold calling or prospecting strangers in public then you should learn this approach.

This works for everyone that sticks to it and who know – you might be ready to fire your boss sooner than you think.


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