How to be at the top of the Leaderboard in your MLM

Are you where you want to be in your company's comp-plan? 
Are you at the top of the leaderboards?

If you aren't you need to ask you this:

  1. Do I have the right Vision?
    You need to know what you want, you need to know where you are headed. If you don't have a vision with what you are doing it'll be that much harder to succeed. Read this about setting Big Goals and if you lack in this area - find a guru to follow, to learn from!
  2. Do I have an effective strategy for recruiting?
    Super-important to not just go out and hope that you'll meet someone that will tell you right away that "if you have a network marketing opportunity I want to join you". You need a strategy to follow that will guarantee results as long as you stick to it. (You can learn an strategy for recruiting online in this bootcamp, it's free) You need to recruit the right people not just anyone!
  3. Do I have the right Mindset?
    Do you have the right mindset to do this? If you don't have reached your goals or are on your way towards them daily you don't. Always do personal development and find people to follow that resonates with you and are successful in your area, that you like and want to be like. Do what they do!
  4. Am I a real Leader?
    When you have recruited the right people in to your team you need to educate them and teach them what they need, you need to support them and help them towards their goals as well as leading by example and make them great leaders as well.

When you can answer YES truthfully and with confident to these four Questions you should be where you want to be! 

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