How to choose your MLM

First of all – welcome to my blog. Here you will find inspiration and tips and training mostly on how to start an grow your homebased business with Internet marketing and Network marketing. But as I am a health coach there will also be some health tips.

First I want to talk about how to choose your Network Marketing Company. Network Marketing has been around for about 50 years so it’s not a new invention and for you that knows nothing about it – learn! It is an excellent way to start a home-business at a low cost. When you are choosing which company to join look at a few things . This is what I feel is important in no particular order. 

  • Has the company been around for a longer period of time, if it’s brand new be careful. Just because network marketing is a legitimate business model, not all companies are.
  • What are the company’s values and soul. That should resonate with you. You need to love and totally trust the company if you are going to work with them and give your time to them. It is much easier to promote something you believe in.
  • Are the products any good? The products should be top of the line. You will have a problem promoting something that has the same quality as anything in a store. Check for patents, validations from impartial sources and users experience!
  • What are the price to start and what do you get for it. There should be a very low registration-cost and a low monthly cost which you should get something/products for.
  • Make sure that they don’t have a minimum sale per month so you’ll get in trouble if you can’t make that in the beginning.
  • Preferably they should have an autoship for customers so you don’t have to keep a big stock at home.
  • Other benefits are nice, like travels, cars and pension programs. But the focus is on how much money can you make and do you get your payments at least every month for everything you have sold.
  • It is not required but it is nice to have a sponsor (the one who “sell”s the opportunity to you) that you can trust and know that you can get any help you want. If your sponsor don’t come through just check his/hers sponsor and up the chain there is always someone who want you to succeed.

These are things that I find important when choosing a company. With that said I will tell you how I found mine. I started using the products as a customer and fell in love with them. Network marketing wasn’t my thing and I was never going to do this. But I am happy that I changed my believes because this is the best decision I have made in my career. When I started to think about if I should do it I really checked out my company and all the points above. I am very happy with my choice and love the company I am working with. More information and/or applying

Then I started to research a way of not having to annoy every person I met thinking they were a recruit (because most people are not!) and went online and found a great training for that. But that is a story for an other time.

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