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How to create Your Blog Post In 10 Steps

By Karin Wälivaara | Blogging

The content you create can make or break your business. So do your research and create amazing content for your audience.

It's way better to create one outstanding blog-post or video or e-mail then 10 good ones.

You want to stand out.

But when you sit down to write you might get stuck.

How do you find your topic? (This post will help you with that: 12 Ideas for Generating Fresh Content Your Readers Will Absolutely LOVE)

What do you want to teach your audience?

What do you want them to do next?

About 2,7 million blog posts is published every day so you need to stand out!

Create your blog post long and amazing or short tutorials and share it everywhere! Follow these steps and start writing!

Step 1 - What is your goal?

What do you want the post to accomplish? Do you want it to generate leads for your e-mail list, do you want to get qualified customers for one of your cheaper products or do you want to increase the awareness of one of your more expensive products and be able to market to the people who have read the post? 

Whatever your main objective is you need to decide on that before you get started.

Step 2 - Call To Action

What is your call to action for the post? What do you want them to do when they've read it?

  • Maybe download something - create a lead for your e-mail list.
  • Buy something right away
  • Attend a webinar
  • Read some other content you have
  • Watch a video

That is the second thing to decide on so you know what to use. Make sure you have opt-in form or landing-pages ready to link to within the post.

Step 3 - Choose the topic

It might sound strange not to start there but you need to know what your goal is to choose the topic that fits that goal. You can't make a blog-post for a recipe and then offer a course in public speaking - that isn't really congruent. 

So choose a topic that gets the attention of the people that are interested in what your Call to Action is.

Step 4 - Type of post

Are you creating a "How to blog post" - a tutorial of some kind to establish yourself as a teacher and authority in your niche?

Is it a list post that lists something your audience needs like tools, books and resources?

Is it a post that describes something, maybe a review of a product/service you sell for someone else or a description of your own product?

Step 5 - Choose keyword

You want to rank in the search engines to get people to find you right? So you need a keyword the the post focuses on. It's better to choose a long-tail keyword then a short one. A long tail keyword has at least three words in it. 

If you hare selling supplements then "supplement" would be a short one but using that word you'll have a lot of competition. So if your supplement blocks carbs maybe you use "carb blocking supplement" instead and the people that are more specific when they are searching will find your post - aka higher targeted prospects. 

Also it's easier to rank if you find a keyword that aren't used much but people are searching for. 

There are a lot of keyword tools and things you can use for this. Do your research.

Step 6 - Write the outline

Get the outline of the post ready - the steps if it's this kind of post you are doing.

The different sub-headings and topics you'll cover and some words to help you when you are going to write the post. Make it valuable.

Step 7 - Find Media

Find the images, video or audio you want to use in the post to make your point.  The post is much easier to read if it's broken up by images but your media should support what you are talking about. Don't just put an image there for the sake of it.

If you are doing a tutorial for example use screenshots to show what you are talking about.

Step 8 - Create the opening

Write the introduction to your post. It needs to hook people in and make them want to continue reading. What is the problem you can solve? What are the people reading the post having issues with that your information will take care off?

Create curiosity so they will read your entire post to get the answer.

Step 9 - Write the post

You now have the subject, the introduction and the outline - just fill it with content. 

One good advice I can give you is to write when you are in the mood and are creative. Someone said, (can't remember who) that "If you struggle to write it they'll struggle to read it" 

Get yourself in the mood before sitting down - otherwise it probably will be a waste of an idea. 

Step 10 - Put it all together

Read the text a couple of times to make it correct, read it out loud so you can here if it sounds good. Make sure it is easy to read and understand. This is not an essay. Put it in your blog and add the images or other media and make it look good.  

Step 11 - Get people to find it

This webinar can help you with the subject of getting traffic/visitors to your blog. It doesn't matter how good your post is if no one can find it, right? Register right her - it's free for you.


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So, you’re telling me that if I have the right content, then I can convert my subs to sales. Makes sense, but how about if I sell content to those who need it?

    Karin Wälivaara

    What do you mean by selling content? Are you a writer that writes for other people’s businesses? Then I would focus on writing excellent pieces about different areas (depending on your expertise) so your customers see your quality. Treat your own blog like a portfolio so they see what they get. Offer freebies like maybe a checklist about what to think about when writing their own posts to get them on your e-mail list and offer your services to people who don’t have time to write themselves (or just don’t want to lol) Hope this helped and gave you some ideas.

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