How To Create Your Business Presence On Social Media Part 2

In part 1 I talked about why you should use social media and if you should use your personal profile vs building a business page.

Today I’m going to talk about when to post, how to post and give you 10 ideas of engaging types of posts to use.

This is for your business page. If you are more interested in utilizing your personal profile you should read 6 tips for Social Media Recruiting

Post daily and be consistent. If you decide that you should post ones a day then keep that commitment. Facebook don’t like if you post 3 times on Monday, five times on Tuesday and then noting Wednesday or Thursday. You need to decide what you can keep up with and stick to that. If it is ones a day fine but it’s of course better to do it more often.

You’ll get more organic reach and better reach for your ads if you do what Facebook likes.

You can schedule posts directly on your Facebookpage or through a third-party software. I am using Postplanner but there are a few others as well - find the one you like. This way you can sit down every Sunday for example scheduling for the whole week and in that way, keep up with the consistency.

When to post? When you start a new page you just have to guess. When are your target market online? Spread your posts out during the day on times you think they’ll get seen the most, when your page has been live for a while you go to the statistics on the page and look at posts, you’ll get a graph of when your audience is mostly online and you can use that to post in the right time.

10 content ideas


Ask a question to get more comments. It can be any kind of questions but it should be something that your target market understands of course. You can ask questions to get to know what kind of training they are interested in for example.

    • ​What do you think...
    • What is your favorite way...
    • If I showed you how..... Comment Y below if that would be something you are interested in


People love to give there opinion on stuff use that to find out what they want

    • In your opinion what...
    • I need your feedback: Do you like A or B the most


Keep them happy and motivated, people love to read a "pick me up" 

    • Motivational images/qoutes
    • Your own inspiring videos
    • Inspiring articles


Show who you are, share problems and wins. Be authentic and be consistent. People want to relate to you.

In this case a combination of a question and something personal

Sneak Peak/Curiosity

Mention something you will be launching soon in a few words and ask them to comment if they want to be first to know or tell them something you have accomplished and end with message me or comment if you want to know more.

Straight talk/rant

Tuff love is ok when you have a relationship, it should lead to a teachable moment. 

Fill in the blanks

To get comments! For example

    • Freedom to me means_______________________________
    • The first thing I do every morning is___________________
    • If I was invisible for a day I would___________________________
    • My favorite quote is______________________________​


Show how you live, pictures of your day or maybe if you are in health and wellness of you drinking your daily drink. This should be fun and inspiring. How could people live if they join you. These kind of posts I need to work on doing more often 😉

Announcement Post

    • ​It's official this Tuesday I'm going to do a live training for you all about.... 

What's hot

Notice what other people in your niche are doing and what they get a lot of engagement on and mimmic that - DON'T copy.

Review your posts and recycle them, the posts that get most views and most engagement you can do again in 14 days or so and also boost (pay for facebook to show them to more people) the posts that are getting the most free reach.

Now you have an idea on how to use your fan-page. You should also do paid advertising that leads to value for example blog-posts or video. 

You always want to have the readers best interest in mind, what does he/she want and need? Become someone who people think of as an expert and they will come to you when they need something.

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