How to do Great Videos

This might be a strange topic coming from me since I’m not using video that much.

Well I know why you should use them and I know how to do them in the best way but the truth about me and videos are that I prefer to read myself so I'm having trouble delivering in videos, I procrastinate to get started and even to plan what to train on! But I'll be better!

Because I KNOW that only text is not the way to go since everyone else loves video and video is the best way to communicate. It is also a great way to get people to know you. So - do videos! I know I need to do them more frequently – and I will!

Here are four things to think about when doing your videos, that I learned from various video-gurus out there. For even more training download this free Video Script Formula

  1. Who are you talking to. You need to know your target audience and their pain and struggles. You need to know what language they use so they get what you are talking about – remember that you might me more advanced and are using words that means nothing to them. Who are they following on social media? Do similar things as one of the top names in your area, that is what your target market wants.
  2. Within 7 seconds of a video you need to deliver a hook, something to get them to stay on. When scrolling through a newsfeed you have a short window of catching their attention, you need to deliver something like a question you’ll answer at the end or a statement that will make them want to know more. If you are doing them on Facebook you should know that people almost never turn on the sound unless something catches their eye you can use a text on the video or do a crazy thing so they want to know what you’re up to.
  3. Introduce yourself briefly so they know who you are if watching you for the first time.
  4. Always have a call to action, what do you want the people watching the video to do? Click a link? Share the video? Like your page? Whatever you want them to do – tell them to do it! Tell them around 10 sec. in and at the end.

You don’t need fancy equipment; your phone is good enough in the beginning – the most important thing is that the sound is good so people can hear you. If you are doing Facebook Live – do them when you are out sometimes. A spur of the moment thing, those are most fun to watch in my opinion. Deliver a short lesson and a way to solve a problem or something.

If you are doing longer training-videos you need a quieter location and those should look a bit more professional. You still don’t need fancy equipment, but maybe don’t hold the phone. Use a tripod or something for the phone or your computer to film it.

Now I want to hear what you think about videos? Do you prefer them over text? If it’s training – what is easiest to learn from do you think? Comment below.

For even more professional videos Download this free Simple Video Script Formula​

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