How to grow your Network Marketing Business using Proximity Marketing

How you successfully grow your network marketing business is in relation to how much time you spend on the right activities.

One of the biggest struggles for a Network marketer is to find enough people to talk to about their business or products, right?

You need to have a growing list of people to talk to, people that has raised their hand and said that they are interested!

When I am somewhere - anywhere - I have a small device that sends out MY message to the phones around me. Without me doing anything. 

I get exposures for my business when I am eating in a restaurant or doing grocery shopping.

Or whenever the Car is parked where there are people around.

I use Proximity marketing to promote my business and attract new customers wherever I am and without me saying a word. And you can too!

It’s the ultimate tool that works for me even when I don't!

How it works

You have a tiny wireless piece of hardware that can fit in the palm of your hand. You can put this anywhere in any location or just keep it in your pocket. 

You use a web-based platform to easily decide the promotional message and link you want to send out to your potential customers.

Your message then gets broadcasted 400 meters in any direction from the hardware. It gets picked up by nearby smartphones and devices with Bluetooth and Location enabled.

Then YOUR message shows up as a notification on their phone! And when people click the notification it takes them straight to a page of you choice.

With this simple and cost-effective advertising and promotion solution, you will be impressed by how many new exposures you will have every time you leave your home. The more exposures you have, the more new contacts you will be able to collect in a very short period of time – on a very limited marketing budget. 

This is how it can help you in your Network Marketing business

Your message will be seen by people wherever you are.

1. Grow your Contact List (you have a list of prospects right?)

All you need is a website with a simple page* to capture their information, where people interested in your products, services or business can leave contact information. Your simple character message is linked to that page.

Since proximity marketing is always working, your contact list has the potential to grow when you are shopping, at the movies or even when you are asleep.

*There are tools to create this page easy, this is NOT complicated. Here is an example of such a page.

2. Get people to see your offers

You can share information about great new products or fantastic deals with people who are not already on your list.

People you don’t know (yet) will be able to see your ad that provides a link to your website where you can provide information about purchasing your product or service.

It all depends on what page you are sending them to what they will learn. With proximity marketing, you get to potentially share your offer with new people, no matter where you are.

3. Get people to come to your Events

Another idea is to send out information about an event you are having to talk about your products. Invitations to home parties or hotel-meetings OR to your webinar if you are working online.

The link they click then might lead direct to a sign-up form for the event you are doing.

Only your imagination sets the limits what message you use and where you place yours!

Are you interested in learning more about this amazing technology, hit the button below.

Some examples of where to put it

  • Carry one wherever you go, lunch-restaurant, events, airports and so on.
  • Send with family and friends that are at places with a lot of people.
  • Hide one in crowded areas, such as malls and super-markets and leave it there and let it do it's magic.