How to Guarantee your Success in Network Marketing

While trying to learn Network Marketing I was told a few things that I can’t really believe and relate to. I don’t know exactly why they keep using this but I suppose it’s because they want it to seem as easy as possible.

And it isn’t easy!

If you let your prospects think it’s easy you’ll just loose them when they realize it’s not. Have you been told this?

“This business, it’s not selling, it’s sharing”.of course it’s selling. You want someone to buy something, right? This statement makes it feel like it’s not a real business and if you don’t treat it like a real business you will probably not succeed.

“You’re simply ‘sharing’ the business with people.”Same thing here, you aren’t sharing you are selling them on a concept AND you better do it honestly and tell them everything so you don’t loose them when they realize it is a real business

“Everyone within 3 feet is a prospect” – That’s not true at all. Most people won’t be interested.

“Just talk to more people and sign in more people and you will succeed”no that isn’t really true either. It is better to sign in a few good ones than to sign in everyone with a pulse that you can make believe that this is something for them.

To succeed in any business, you need to learn skills and you need to work hard.

 That is a fact. 

Network Marketing isn’t any different in that way. The difference from starting a NM business and a “regular” business is that you can start virtually for free and you CAN make a small profit your first month - if you work hard.

In other businesses that needs a lot of money to start up they see it as a success if they make money within a couple of years. Also in NM you can get an almost passive income when you have worked hard for a couple of years and built up your team. In regular businesses that won’t happen.

You need to learn skills, take action with those skills and become good at what you do!

It’s not based on luck. It is based on learning skills and using them.

I was frustrated because my growth in NWM was very slow. I needed a better way then aimlessly talking to everyone I met.

I eventually went online and found network marketing mentors who used the Internet to build large teams, using strategy called “attraction marketing.”

Along with giving me strategies, attraction marketing solved the #1 problem in my network marketing business—a lack of fresh and new prospects for my business.

And I was able to find them, in a predictable way, without bugging friends and family OR cold prospecting strangers on the streets.

5 Proven Steps I Use to Guarantee My Success…

…and that can help you guarantee yours!

1. ​Find And Develop A Strategy

Now, if you’re not being taught any short or long-term strategy by your upline or company, you need to run away and go somewhere else!

Seriously, I’m not kidding!

Because you have 2 choices: you can either:

  1. Develop the strategy yourself, which is going to take a lot of money, time & trial and error, or
  2. You can find people who have already figured out exactly how to be successful in network marketing and model their strategy.

My Mentor Ferny tried to reinvent the wheel and it cost him over $150,000 in wasted money and got him $60k in credit card debt.

It is much better to follow a proven process from an already-successful networker who’s making money and doing it in a way that resonates with you.

In summary: find a mentor or company that gives you a concrete strategy for recruiting your first person, making your first sale, and eventually reaching your long-term goals.

If somebody hasn’t provided that, for you in whatever team or organization you’re in, then you either need to find a mentor that is willing to teach you a clear strategy or you can give online recruiting a try by clicking here to learn more.

2. The Strategy MUST Be Simple & Repeatable

This step is the key to duplication in network marketing…

You want to teach your strategy to your downline so they can go out, succeed, and make you some money in the process and the process should be simple, but not necessarily easy.

I show my team the exact same tools I use, and those are constantly tested, refined and improved. If anything changes, they’ll know.

I’m not saying that a strategy or tactic has to be a “touchdown” the first time it’s used by a new rep. It just has to deliver results that can be quantified, assessed and be improved on over time.

It is very likely that your first time implementing a strategy won’t go well and you have to be ok with that, as long as you are committed to improving and learning.

At Elite Marketing Pro, they’ve solved the biggest problem in network marketing, which was finding new prospects to talk to every single day, who are actually interested in talking to you about network marketing. But you still need to have effective conversations to bring your prospects into your business.

In summary: The business building strategy must be repeatable & quantifiable so, anyone may perform them, see results and improve over time.

3. Gain Experience

When you treat the strategy you’re learning as seriously as you would the skills you’d learn in any other profession, you gain experience.

And with that experience comes an understanding of nuance, meaning you start learning things that you just can’t learn in a course or in an audio book or training.

Here’s the truth of the matter: if you’re thinking, “I want to make some money now, now, now, now,” I can tell you right now you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but “get-rick-quick schemes” are just that: schemes.

They don’t create sustainable, predictable success because the success is not based on the development of skills.

Unless you treat network marketing as a profession, you won’t succeed.

There is no trick to earn 6- or 7-figures over night! It does require practice and time, so that eventually it does become easy. (More on this in step #5.)

(Even then, if it takes you 3-6 months to be effective, that’s better than 40+ years at a job you hate!)

So if you’re serious about this whole network marketing thing and you want to be a leader yourself, you’ve got to be committed, gain experience, an appreciation for nuance and develop DEPTH of understanding, which is impossible to attain in any other way.

This is important, because it will help you develop strategies that fit your individual goals and personality.

Sure, fundamentally, everyone building offline or online has the same basic foundation.

However, we all have different approaches, styles, and tactics, because over time, we all come to occupy a slightly different space in this business.

As you implement a strategy, you learn to customize it for your strengths & weaknesses and it becomes your own.

In summary: you gain experience through repetition and you get depth of understanding, and eventually you start modifying tactics and processes so that your strategies fit you, your team, your company, your product, etc.

4. Pay it Forward

Once you have a strategy, a depth of understanding, and nuance from following steps 1-3, you’ll likely have achieved success in your business and now you’re in a position to teach what you know through video, Facebook Live, blogging, e-mails, and so on.

By creating a community and communicating with people every single day you’ll “pay it forward,” and not just for your downline, but to the industry at large.

This will do 2 things for you…

  1. People will notice that you’re giving value and other people are benefiting, and your following will grow.
  2. As you build your fan base, you will create your own personal brand and become a leader, whom transcends any one company or product. This is key to the final step: “push button” income.

In summary: Once you “pay it forward” and develop a following by putting out great value that helps others, you will have a following of people that want to learn more and more from you.

That’s how you create an empire: a loyal community that loves you, and knows you will lead them to good fortune.

5. Become a Force

This is where you get the ability to sell and recruit en masse.

What I do mean ‘en masse’? That means recruiting a lot of people or selling a product to a lot of people, with the push of a button.

That push of a button can be clicking “send” on an email, clicking “start” a webinar, clicking “publish” on a blog post, whatever medium you choose.

Heck, you can even “voice” your call to action on Facebook Live or Periscope and people will go buy your new course or fill out the form to sign up for your opportunity.


Because they trust you and your community, gives you credibility.

Because you paid it forward and have skills you developed that others would like to learn.

A lot of networkers miss #4 and #5. They miss the part about building a community beyond their network marketing organization.

So if anything goes wrong with their company or their team, they’re stuck. They don’t have a “plan B.”

You want to be in a position where you’re not dependent on anyone but yourself and your own brand, regardless of how awesome your company is.

That’s why step #4, building a community, is so important. It allows you to do step #5 which is becoming a force that no one can stop and you’re able to recruit en masse, at will.

Now what I just shared with you was a 5-step strategy for LEARNING and developing skills.

This strategy should be something you can apply, regardless of whether you choose to build online or offline.

However, if you’d like to learn the online business building strategies I use today, click here and get a Free Online Recruiting Course,

Regardless of how you choose to build, to guarantee your success:

  • Step #1is to find a strategy that is proven to work.
  • Step #2is to make sure that strategy is skill based & repeatable, so you can RESULT. CORRECT. REPEAT.
  • Step #3is gain experience through repetition so you have an understanding of depth and nuance.
  • Step #4is to pay it forward so you build a community around yourself.
  • Step #5is become a force, recruit en masse, and create “push button money”…

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