How To Leverage Messaging In Your Business

Are you connecting with your customers and prospects on a personal level?

Are you using messenger to answer questions and tell people about what you are about?

If your clients are getting great customer service, they will be more likely to buy or join you AND also return the next time they need something.

It’s a win-win situation.

People want instant replies, and messaging gives them that, they get help and their experience with you will be more positive.

Studies show that 68% of US online shoppers engage with live chat.

Also, 73% of customers are more satisfied with their online purchasing experience after using live chat.

People like and want a connection and help even when shopping online.

And for you 

Social media is available all the time, we can chat with anyone anywhere in the world without building our own customer service chat.

But use Messages the right way – it can be bad for you if you are doing it wrong.

Step 1 – get people to talk to you

The best way is to get them to reach out to you of course.

You don’t want to mention your company or products – you just want to focus on results.

Create Curiosity – do posts that shows something they want or a solution to a problem they have

If you are in health and wellness for example do before and after weightloss photos. Without telling them exactly what you did. Let them ask you!

You can end your post with “comment info if you want to know more” in this way more people will see the post and this person has invited you to contact them.

In this free guide you’ll get ideas on what to post to get people to be interested in what you can help them with!

Step 2 – ask questions

Message the people wanting to know more and ask what they are interested in. Just a short question – don’t write an essay about how your company is the best invention since the wheel. Ask them what they are looking for.

Have a conversation, not a monologue

Don’t cut and paste some standard answer, get to know their struggles and what they need!

A long message about all the benefits of your company or a clearly cut and paste answer is a sure way to get them to loose interest.

You want to HELP them. That should always be your focus.

Find out what they need and offer a solution to their problems. They don’t need to know everything your product is good at,

I have a product for example that can relieve migraine for some people and also will give you a lot of energy.

If I’m talking to a tired mum that never mention anything about migraine I won’t tell her about it.

She needs the energy and doesn’t need to know anything else. Makes sense?

To much information can often put people of – they see it as complicated and haven’t got the time or energy to try and understand so just give them what they need!

Step 3 - Three way chatting – (if needed)

What if you start chatting with them and you’ve got nothing to show them?

No results in your business, or no experience with the products they may need or want?

Or if you don't have any experience with their particular problem but you know you have something that might help.​

You probably know this already, but just in case,

I’ll let you in a little secret, in network marketing it is important to have third party validation.

That is why Facebook Messenger is so great; you could use it the same way as a three-way call and get someone else in your company to share their results or experiences with a particular product.

“You can have someone from your team added to the live chat while you are talking to your prospect or potential customer.”

Let’s say we discover the person is a training freak and want some kind of energy-protein thingy for that.

I have them amongst my products but I know absolutely nothing about them and I’m not using them – what do I do – I add someone in my team that knows a lot about training to the chat and my prospect get answers to her questions. So easy!

You can see who are online right now and add them, or just say to the prospect that they’ll get answers as soon as that person are free.

BUT ASK your teammate before adding them. They need to know what it’s all about and need to be willing and have time to help. Otherwise it just get weird.

Those chats with the teammate should be short just enough for some questions.

Be different!

You can do a short video for something specific or send a voice-message, depending on how the conversation goes.

Have fun and make it fun for the person you are talking to.

The interactive exchange is going to speed things up, because people will start to relate to you, they will see that you are real, and that you care about what their concerns are.

You will gain credibility; they will know, like, and trust you.

When you have them hooked do the kind of closing that you are most comfortable with.

Maybe you just need to assist them in the signing up-process or you want a video-call to show them something more.

Maybe you have a facebook group to put them in where they can see more social proof and webinars about your thing – or you have a webinar to send them.

Do what’s working for you there are a lot of ways to handle the person who are ready to join!

A bonus of using Facebook messenger is that you can have a record of people who wanted more information from you; and you could casually follow-up with them without being ‘weird’ about it.

Bottom line, take advantage of Facebook Messenger!

Use it to reach out to people as much as possible, and remember to mix it up when you chat to them to make it more engaging.

With social media, there are many things you can do so be flexible.

Some people like the phone, some want to meet in person, some prefer social media.

Personally, I prefer this Facebook Messenger strategy because you don’t have to go anywhere and it's not as time-consuming as a phone-call. Both you and your prospect can do other things at the same time - until you get serious interest.

So you just learned how to talk to prospects who have asked about what you have…

But how can you make sure that you have new people to talk to everyday about your business, so you are always bringing in new customers and team members like clockwork?

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I hope this helped – if you liked it please share with your team!

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