How to Successfully Recruit Your Hairdresser into your Business

I am not doing much offline recruiting at all but I at least need to have the skills if the opportunity arises. Right?

If you spend time with a stranger, a cab driver or a hairdresser or something like that and it comes up you still want to help them. Maybe my opportunity or product is exactly what they need in their life – so why should I deny them the opportunity just because I am an online marketer?

And I learn from these situations as well. I get to know what motivates people and that I can use in my  online marketing later.

What can I say that makes them interested? What will make them interested enough to take a look at it?

It’s the same deal if you are offline or online you need to find peoples desires and pains to see if you have the solution. And I want to help people as simple is that.

I don’t need to prospect anyone offline, but I learn from it and I might be able to help an other person so of course I do it if I get to.

If you are building both online and offline, or if you’re building offline and learning online, this might help you generate some results!

Who are you talking to?

You have to understand who you’re talking to so you can set expectations for yourself.

If you’re talking to people that are not very qualified, you’re going to get unqualified responses.

If you are talking to someone like a cabdriver or your hairdresser chances are they are already a small business owner and that qualifies them a little bit more.

Understanding who you’re talking to is not only going to help you gain some insights as to what their motivations might be, but also it sets proper expectations for you.

Who you’re talking to matters. Not everyone is your prospect!

In this blog post, Kosta Gara talks about the three different types of people he recruits and the other type of person he doesn’t recruit or waste his time with.

Start a conversation

Ask them how long they’ve been doing whatever they are doing or if you don't know what their occupation is start there and also ask if they do anything else on the side. If they like what they are doing and so on. Listen to what they are saying and respond!

Wait for reciprocation

Then the law of reciprocity means they will almost always ask you what you do.

That’s your opening, so be prepared.

You have to develop a simple elevator pitch that’s going to get them interested!

I say something like this:

“I work with Internet marketing and Network marketing. I help small business owners learn how to market their services and products online and I also help people start their own business on the Internet.”

Wait for their response and go from there!

Answer their questions and help them with what they need.

Legitimize your work.

If they ask how I would tell them I help people to start businesses with affiliate marketing or maybe I would mention my network marketing opportunity that depends on how the conversation have been.

(If you don’t know affiliate marketing is it simply means I refer people to a website, they buy, and I get a commission)

And to explain it I can use for example, most people know what that is.

Amazon has something called an affiliate program, and you can actually go to their website right now, scroll to the bottom and sign up for their affiliate program.

From that point on you could send business to Amazon. You can refer people, in any way—through advertising, if you’re a blogger, if you’re posting on social media.

You refer people to Amazon and get paid a 5-8% commission on those sales.

And they’re like: “Really? I didn’t know that!”

To which I reply:

Yes, that’s this whole world that’s right in front of us, that most of us never know existed, but there’s a lot of people making really great livings doing this.

And I tell them that I don’t work with Amazon because they are paying to little, I am working with companies that are paying 40-90% commissions instead.

Now, you change that to fit whatever you are selling/doing but use something that most people know as a comparison so they understand right away.

If this peaks their interest and they want to know more

Or I explain my network marketing opportunity comparing it to for example Tupperware (all people in Sweden know what that is).​

Exchange information

I ask for their e-mail so I can send them more information later and their phone-number so I can text them my contact-information right away.

And this is where internet marketing comes in

If you’re doing Internet marketing, and if you’re learning from Elite Marketing Pro, you have this advantage, because you’re building a list.

You’re growing a list of email subscribers.

So in addition to the text, you can add them to your subscriber list.

If they are interesting in learning more I send them what I have that is relevant. A bootcamp, a video or a PDF, whatever they would benefit the most from..

And then they’ll get information automatically from my autoresponder. But obviously I would follow up with them personally as well since we have established a connection.

I tell them that they will receive e-mail with information and ask them to contact me if they have any questions.

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Follow up

If you are in network marketing you have probably learned the follow-up techniques that your company teach. And if they aren’t teaching you an effective way check out Eric Worre for example, he knows what he’s talking about.

This process works for anybody you run into and I've learned this technique from one of my mentors over at Elite Marketing Pro. I need to go to the hair-dresser more often (and a different one each time) to practice. Because like any other skill it needs practice. You might succeed on your first try but you might not. (I did 🙂 ) 

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