I love what I do – How about you?

Why are you in or want to be in business for yourself? Do you want to make some extra money or do you want to change your life?

Whatever your reason is you need to treat your business the right way if you want to succeed.

When I learned about network marketing I understood it was a better way but I didn’t really got it to work for me. It wasn’t fun and what is life if we don’t have fun.

Now I transferred my business online and I am still with my network marketing company but I also do affiliate marketing and coaching.

The thing I do that I love the most is to help other people in their business.

During the day I talk to people all over the world. I help them with their problems if I have the solution and I talk to other people who mentor and help me with my business and my problems.

Right now I am sitting in my armchair writing this with one dog by my feet and the other one on the chair next to me.  I can work wherever I want I just need WiFi and my laptop.

I have Scheduled things to do of course but when it don’t involve other people I can take a break if and when I feel like it. I have to work an hour or to on evenings sometimes because I connect with people in completely different time-zones but that doesn’t bother me at all. I can take that time of during the day which is nice since we don’t have that much daylight here in the north of Sweden right now.

My success is all about me and what I do reflect in my results.  

I am blogging, doing videos, learning and teaching. And I get to help people – did I mention that? The solution to their problems might not be to join me in anything but if I can help I help anyway.

The secret to do well in this business is

  • Don’t try to sell anything to anyone that they didn’t asked for or need
  • Have multiple streams of income, some long-term that only needs a small amount of work each day and others with big commissions coming in daily.
  • Learn, study new things that can help you in your business all the time. Study mindset stuff that is just as important and then teach what you learn to your prospects and customers when someone needs it. You’ll grow and learn even more when teaching others what you know.
  • Make sure you spend most of your time helping others, that’ll come back to you I promise.
  • Only sell/promote/recommend products and services that you like and uses yourself (or should use if you needed it)

I love what I do and I love the fact that I can go where ever I want whenever I want – I don’t need permission from a boss or anything like that.

With this business-model, you can be profitable the first month with hard work. Usually it takes a couple of years to be profitable when you are starting a “regular” business.

Do you want this? Do you want to manage your own time and decide what to do? Do you want to build up an income so you have something when you grow old.

Do something for yourself and your family, this might be right for you to!

You know I will help you figure it out if you let me!

Thank you for reading my blog!

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