Is Online Recruiting Duplicatable?

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I often get a question from other people in the network marketing industry. The question is: “how can this be duplicated?”

Well My question is how can cold market prospecting on the streets of London be duplicated?

Everything can be duplicated by the right people. By people who are interested in doing it this way.

People are different and I believe we need to take that into consideration while building our networks.

People should be allowed to do what they are good at and what they think is fun.

I know people who are not tech-savvy and who never in a million years thought they would work with online marketing BUT they are more like me in the sense they don’t want to spend too much time away from home running from meeting to meeting trying to convince someone that they should join them. Thinking about work when they are out with friends.

Technical skills not needed you know.
It's not that complicated, everyone can learn it, at least everyone who knows how to post on Facebook.

And all issues/problems you have there are millions of tutorials to watch to learn. Or get help from someone who know how.

(Are you on my team or a customer of mine I’ll help you hands on with whatever you need)

So yes Internet Marketing is very duplicatable. There is a blueprint to follow and a clear course.

Instead of

“talk to as many people as possible”
“everyone is a prospect”
“it’s not selling, it’s sharing”

Which is kind of vague, it doesn’t strike me as a real business and it gives me no path to follow at all.

With that said I also want to say that I don’t think there is anything wrong with old-school network marketing. There are a lot of people really good at that and if they are doing it the right way they can build huge teams, but everyone doing it have a strategy, they aren’t following the advice [above] given to most new people.

They aren’t simplifying it, they are treating it like a real business and however you choose to build your team you also need to treat it like a business and be honest to the people you are bringing in. This is hard work. You won’t be rich overnight. You can be rich and succeed but for that you have to work!

Are you interested in this online-thing? Get this free bootcamp and you’ll learn how to get people coming to you so you never have to do cold-market recruiting again. Or maybe you want to continue with your offline activities – as you most definitely should if you are having fun doing it, and just ad an other source of leads for your business. Get even more people to talk to. Either way the bootcamp is for you!

Everything that has a strategy is duplicatable as long as the right person is trying to duplicate it.

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