Learning is the key to success ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

Learning is the key to success

By Karin Wälivaara | Education

If you are any kind of entrepreneur your biggest asset is yourself!

Or that was wrong, your biggest asset is yourself no matter what you do, but here we are talking about entrepreneurs.

You need to invest in yourself and grow everyday. You need to seek all the knowledge you can get.

There are lot of knowledge on the Internet but to find the thing you need can be difficult. AND are you only looking for free knowledge/courses/training it will take  you an enormous amount of time to learn all you need to do anything really.

Free courses can be great to evaluate if the paid version is worth getting into but to only go for free stuff I don't recommend! Either you pay to learn or you spend your time.

Money you always can earn again but time you spent you will never get back.

My strong suggestion is to find a niche that suits you and then find all information you can about that. Buy from the people who has proven that they have the knowledge, who has succeeded.

Don't buy from the people who are selling "press on a button" systems - I don't think there are any that actually works!

You need to take action to succeed and put in the work - it is as simple as that. 

Learn from the mistakes of others - you can't live long enough to do them all yourself!

Ellenor Roosevelt 

You need coaches and mentors to grow! That is an important part also. It is much easier to learn when you have an actual person to talk to instead of just listening/reading.

But just learning isn't enough to succeed you absolutely have to apply what you learn immediately. You will never truly learn anything without doing it.

And the last step in the the learning process is to teach what you know to others. Then you will get the last pieces missing from you being an expert of something.

If you are struggling in Network Marketing (like I was - hating cold prospecting) or you want to learn how to market anything online and maybe create that "laptop"-lifestyle you heard so much about - I suggest you read this! 

They offer a lot of great training and courses and it comes with coaching and mentorship (the coaches are awesome) and you are also able to make some money while you are learning.


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