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My 10 Most Used Tools

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

What follows is a list of online tools I use regularly in my business. Some of them are free, some of them are not. I hope you'll find something you didn't knew you where missing 😉 Some of these links are affiliate links, I never recommend things I am not using myself.

WordPress - easy free tool to build your website. You probably need some paid for plugins depending on how sophisticated you want to be. 

Thrive Themes - A plugin to WordPress that makes it easy to build beautiful pages. A lot of different features in this one - make sure you check it out if you have or are starting your on website.

Pinterest - my favorite platform for marketing my business! 

Acuity Schedueling - easy for your clients or team to schedule a meeting with you - a lot of features!

GetResponse - The autoresponder I use. An autoresponder is a place where you store your e-mail subscribers and send your e-mails to them all at once. Can be scheduled or based on an action from your subscribers.

Facebook - I use it for advertising and to build relationships with interested people. Also to share value with my fans and followers

Elite Marketing Pro - They can hardly fit under the tools since it's an education company (that you need to learn from if you want to succeed online)  but they have an affiliate part as well with pre-built landing pages and up to 70% commissions and that part is what I am putting under tools.

Tailwind - An amazing tool for scheduling Pinterest couldn't live without it! Get your free trial here

Zoom - for video calls with customers and team members. Great for screen-sharing

Canva - for creating pictures and layouts for the blog, social media and ads

I hope there was something you didn't know about and that will help you in your business.

Check it our and if I can help you get started feel free to reach out to me. If you have anything that you use frequently that you think I might like comment below and let me know! Thank you!

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