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How to create a Native ad

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

Have you ever heard the term Native Advertising and wondered what that is? Or do you basically know what it is but want to know how to do it?

Native Advertising is simply put ads that look like they belong where they are - meaning it doesn't scream ad over it. - usually (or always) online.

No "come buy this product" or join my e-mail list by clicking here.

If we use Facebook as an example a native ad is one that looks like any other post in your feed and it leads to something valuable - it usually leads to content, not to a sales page.

So a little story or something that is congruent with the content you are leading them to and a natural image and a link.  - Or a short video and a link!

The thought behind doing it this way is that most people don't even read ads any more. If they see it's an ad the scroll on. But if you are leading them to something that will teach them more they might be hooked!

How to create a good Native Ad

  • Make sure you really are leading them to good content. To a blog-post or a video. Something they will get valuable information from.
  • Make the ad itself congruent with where you want to put it. it has to look like it belong there. This is mostly used on Social Media and the ad will be different depending on what platform you are advertising on.
  • Make sure they get what you promise them in the ad when they click on the link. It has to be congruent, they need to get what they expect otherwise they will leave. 
  • Your copy and headline needs to be compelling - this is where people decide to click or not. If they don't click on the ad it doesn't matter how good your content are.


Since your business should be about creating value and helping people, native advertising is an excellent way. You create content that your target market need and then target the right people through your ad, the ones that clicks will get good value even if they don't go ahead right now.

You will notice that you will get far more clicks compared to if you are doing a "sales-ad", since most people aren't ready to buy right away you'll be able to stay in front of them and if you have a good CTA so you get them to your e-mail list you can stay in front of them until they are ready to buy.

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