Passion, Accountability and Strategy - needed to succeed in your business

Passion, Accountability and Strategy – three essentials to succeed in your business!

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

Are your business your passion?

Are you truly doing what you love?

For me I saw the power of Network Marketing, I loved the products I was working with and I loved the people in my company.

I knew Network Marketing was a better way, but I still struggled. I hated the cold market recruiting thing for one and I found a solution for that but still there was something wrong.

Now I am a strong believer in that you need to find something you love to do, something that is FUN. The best products in the world might not be what you should work with.

Even though I love my supplements that started my Network Marketing career. I still use them and are recommending them to people who needs them. BUT this is not my passion. I don’t want to work with health.

It’s so boring!!! I know there are others that love that, and I leave that to them. I am so grateful that I found my supplements though. They where a door in to this world of Network Marketing and Internet Marketing for me.

So, are you feeling a disconnect with what you are doing? Take the time to figure out what you love, what your passion is, because life is so much more fun when you are having fun. -duh 😀

What will people say if you switch company?

Don’t worry about that. It is your life and your business. You deserve to do what you want.

If your upline is giving you a hard time – just leave, an upline that don’t support you and wish you good luck is no one you want to work with anyway.

If your family are having comments about changing – well are they working the same company that they did a couple of years ago? Some might do but most of us are changing job now and again and this is no different. 

If you want to go -  Find a team and a sponsor that you really like and can have fun with. You are hopefully going to spend a lot of time with her. Do your research about the company and the products but join a person you trust!

And if you love your company, your products and are having a blast working with them. Good for you! You are already on track to succeed!

This free training changed my view on my business. Your business isn’t to be a distributor for X company. Your business is being YOU – what do you bring to the table? Why should people buy from you instead of the hundreds of others selling the exact same thing?

It’s all about relationships and you’ll succeed so much faster and go so much longer if you do something you love.

My three “Must Have” in a business.

  1. Passion for what you do and your products (or services). If you don’t love what you do it shines through and why would anyone want to join you or buy from you if they see you aren’t 100% there?
  2. A Mentor or Accountability partner to help when you are stuck. Can be your sponsor or anyone really that has the same vision as you. It is so easy to get stuck in your own head. Someone that can see things from the outside and come with another point of view when you need it is invaluable.
  3. A Strategy to follow - a proven blueprint that works. Don’t reinvent the wheel – find a strategy that suits you and that you feel is right, there are a lot of good strategies out there.

Whatever your passion is or what your business is about this strategy on how to market your stuff online and how to build your business around you, to get people to know like and trust you is what you need.

Get this free bootcamp and learn the basics of Attraction Marketing and why that can help you build your current (or new) network marketing team.

I hope this short article got you to evaluate and think about your business and plan for it to truly be the business of your dreams.

In life it’s important to have fun and to evolve. Keep learning, keep reading and keep growing. And most of all Take action every day with things that will bring you closer to your dreams.

I wish you great success!


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