Are You a Real Person or Are You Trying To Be a Recruiting-machine? ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

Are You a Real Person or Are You Trying To Be a Recruiting-machine?

By Karin Wälivaara | Mindset

All leaders and successful Network Marketers have one thing they agree on!

They say that you should be a real person and talk to your prospect before you bring up your product or try to recruit them for your opportunity.

What do they really mean with this? 

Network Marketing is about connections

- about expanding your network and getting to know more people. It is not about recruiting everyone you see into your opportunity.

people talking

So it's about talking to people and taking an interest in them. 

It's not about sending a friend-request on Facebook and then sen a link to an opportunity the first thing you do.

But it's not about starting a conversation asking a bunch of questions to pretend to be interested either.

You know those conversations when you know the pitch is coming you are just waiting for it.

That's even more annoying.

They couldn't care less about you but still they are asking about your work, husband, kids and even parrot because that is what they been told to do.

I'm just thinking: "Get to the point already so we can go back to doing something productive".

It's kind of hilarious when they then work in the pitch which almost never has anything to do with the rest of the conversation.

And even more hilarious when the company they are trying to recruit you for is your own main opportunity. (I had that last week)

When you say no you never hear from any of these people again. 

They try really hard and I'm sure they are successful sometimes but it has to be so exhausting. 

Why not create relationships instead? 

Why not get to know the people and find out what they need, what are their pains and struggles?

Asking them to join in the first conversation - even if you had a short conversation first is as bad as sending the link the first thing you do....

If they don't bring it up and ask you!

If you are talking to someone wait until he or she expresses a problem or a dream that you can help solve. Ask questions that'll get the conversation there but the key is to listen most of the time and respond to what they are saying.

I've said this before so if you have read my posts you know. The conversation is about that person not about you. Your opportunity or your products isn't the best thing for everyone. 

It might be best for you but we are all different.

 My first network marketing business was in health and wellness.

I still love the products and the company BUT I realized that the thing I didn't like was to work with health, to help others become healthy.

Yes that is a great thing to do BUT it's not my passion. There are others that love that far more than me so I leave it to them and have moved on.

(If you need some outstanding vitamins I can hook you up with the best health-coach ever 😉 )

So don't assume everyone wants to sell makeup or insurance. Your thing might not be for them but you might be able to help them anyway. By pointing them in the right direction. 

Being a real person and really care about the ones you are talking to will help you become even more successful.

You will recruit already qualified people and wont have to spend so much time with those that say they want to but aren't doing anything.

Focus on helping others and you'll get it back in one way or another.

If you want to learn more about how to get your word out there and have people come to you asking I highly recommend this free 10-day bootcamp. It totally changed my business to the better! Go check it out!


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