Sneakpeak: Attraction Marketing Formula

Do you want to have people coming to you asking for your opportunity or products or do you like walking up to strangers in the mall?

If you are following my blog you know that I am offering a free bootcamp in Attraction Marketing. That bootcamp is a great start to bring your Network Marketing Business online, you’ll learn the basics of Attraction Marketing and what to do.

But if you want to take your business to the next level you need to get the whole scoop in The Attraction Marketing Formula E-book.

The author, who is my mentor, claims that it is “the definitive guide to attract endless leads and reps to your MLM business using the Internet”

Let’s see…

It’s written by Ferny Ceballos who is now the Chief Marketing Officer at Elite Marketing Pro. The book contains the strategies he used to build his network marketing business to 7 figures online.

The book is easy to read – I’m not a native English speaker and it’s set up in a way that it’s easy to go back and find what you are looking for.

He states in the book

“Network Marketing for you will go from being an uncertain process of working through your warm market and bugging strangers in public places to building relationships with a large list of people who know, love and trust you, in addition to wanting to be a part of the opportunity you have.”

This is not about taking away the networking from network marketing. You still need to talk to people and help your team. This is about getting an endless stream of people to talk to about your opportunity or products on autopilot and only talk to the interested ones.

In the book, he describes why it’s wise to take your Network Marketing business online and compares it to traditional methods – and if you are living in the 21th century you should take advantage of the technology we have.

The book clearly lays out the foundation of Attraction Marketing – the why and the how

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill, they wanted a hole. Therefor if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes, not about drills!” – Perry Marshall.

92 % of people who go online are looking for information, not looking to buy. So it’s all about being the go to guy in your niche the information center.

Focus on delivering value – if you want to sell drills give them information on how to get the hole!

Your product isn’t enough, it doesn’t matter how good it is – especially if you are in network marketing. Thousands of people are selling the same thing. Why should someone buy from you?

It teaches you to brand yourself and get people to know, like and trust you. Your real business are YOU!

Your business should be about serving others, solving people’s problems, building relationships and providing ongoing value, you become a highly valued individual.

The book talks about the smarter approach then to talk to one person at a time – have multiple people interested that are listening to you because not everyone is ready to buy immediately.

He does an easy comparison to doing laundry. If you have four machines to wash you probably aren’t washing, drying and folding the first one before you are putting the second one in the machine, right?

You are washing the first one and when you put that in the dryer you are putting the second one in the machine to save time.

It’s the same thing when talking to prospects – you can’t talk to one and answer all the questions and wait for them to say yes or no (which might take 3 months) before moving on to the next.

You need to have multiple people in your “funnel” at the same time, all in different stages of deciding. Talk to 100, 200, 2000, 5000 people at the same time is the key to save time and make money.

In the book you get instructions on how to do this, you’ll learn how to even profit from your prospects even if they never join your MLM or buy your product.

Basic steps:

1. Find where there are people looking for what you have to offer

2. Offer them something of value to get them to initiate communication

3. Offer value and build a relationship to the people in your pipeline

4. Offer solutions to their problem – your product, your opportunity or affiliate offers.

5. Collect the money, deliver paid solution, and then insert them back into your pipeline for future sales.

I won’t go through the details here but you’ll learn how to set this up and how all the parts fit together.

You’ll learn where to find the perfect people for your particular offer and how to get them to reach out.

This book has helped me a lot in my business and is the reason I am where I am today. It also comes with extra bonuses, one of them is three one-on-one coaching-calls with really amazing coaches.

I highly recommend you check out all the benefits and get the book here.

Summary: I love this book and think it’s a must read for modern Network Marketers. The internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so please use it to your advantage.

 read the book and see if it is something for you. You’ll learn a lot!

Here are more examples of what you’ll find in the book

  • ·The secret to selling ANYTHING. Once you get this concept you’ll be able to successfully market ANY kind of a product or business opportunity.
  • How you can transform your business overnight and quickly create a massive downline WITHOUT even promoting your business opportunity.
  • The absolute BEST WAY to generate leads and get paid in the process EVEN IF they never join your business.
  • How to add NEW streams of income to your existing Network Marketing business.
  • How to turn the tables on all the skeptics. NEVER AGAIN explain to ANYONE the difference between a “pyramid scheme” and your MLM opportunity – and Get Qualified & Interested Leads Only!
  • Ever email your prospects? How to do it and why
  • A 5-step “Million Dollar Blueprint” to creating a never ending flow of high-quality prospects into your MLM business and turning it into a 7-Figure empire.

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