How you can Succeed in Network Marketing without doing Cold Prospecting and without Bugging your family and friends. ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

How you can Succeed in Network Marketing without doing Cold Prospecting and without Bugging your family and friends.

By Karin Wälivaara | Education

I want to tell you my story, how I started with Network Marketing and felt like I missed a piece of the puzzle trying to do the cold prospecting, I didn’t really believe in.

Why I looked for something else, found Attraction Marketing and how it has helped me generate prospects for my business without me having to talk to family and friends or do cold prospecting everywhere I go.

I am a private person and to do this I have had to grow a lot. I have been very bothered with what people think about me and what they’ll say but now I try not to care.

It is my life – I do with it what I want – and what I want is to help people.

I started using the products of my Network marketing company with no intention of selling them. But as I started to love the products. I wanted to tell people about them.

I wanted my friends to have the same fantastic results. 

I learned about the business and they told me – “it is not selling, it is sharing” and “everyone within 3 feet is your prospect”, “you will learn how to do cold prospecting if it feels difficult now” and so on.

I believed them and I started. I was very slow (in my eyes) and wasn’t really making enough progress.

I climbed a few levels in the compensation plan but way to slow – I mean I was going to live on this.

I took courses in personal development and was told that the comfort zone was in my way – and sure it was. I have crushed it time and time again BUT I couldn’t get over the fact that the cold prospecting was just WRONG for me.

This spring I reached a level that gave me a trip to the company headquarters and a leadership course. 

It was a wonderful experience and great things where thought but I couldn’t resonate with having to talk to people on airports and in restaurants just to find people to present my business to.

Why can’t I just talk to people who already are interested? How do I get them to come to me?

I don’t believe that it is the best use of my time to talk to everyone about my opportunity because most people are not interested and I want to help those who are!

I had glanced at Elite Marketing Pro a short while and I decided to buy the Attraction Marketing Formula.

I finally found the way for me to reach new people to present my opportunity to without EVER having to talk to someone who is not interested.

Attraction Marketing helps you understand what to give people so they learn to know and trust you and want to follow you and learn from you. People buy from people.

The people that are right for you and your business will come to you. It is a skill that you have to learn but ones you learn it you can apply it to many different businesses.

Elite Marketing Pro teaches Attraction Marketing and have a lot of great trainings and coaches that’ll help you grow your business. You can even get paid while you learn.

To “give up” has been erased from my vocabulary about a year ago so while doing the things that didn’t work for me in Network Marketing, I was looking for something else and found it!  So… now I can do what I want!

There is no greater feeling then the “thank you” you get when you truly have made a difference in someone’s life.

You have to find your own way in your business. What is best for you? What resonates with your personality and skills? At the same time, you also need to do things that feels uncomfortable. Life begins outside your comfort zone and you won’t grow avoiding everything that is hard.

If you are like me and think that there must be a better way then talking to everyone you meet, if my short story triggered something in you – definitely check out this free ten day recruiting bootcamp and find out what attraction marketing is from the source.


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