The Secret – Are you having money-issues? ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

The Secret – Are you having money-issues?

By Karin Wälivaara | Mindset

So I am reading the Secret again. Some books you have to read more than ones. Some are just so packed with information and you might not be ready for it all at the same time. You'll learn something new each time.

I want to talk a bit about money and most of all how you think about money. If you aren't having enough -why is that? Can it be that you have the wrong mindset?

It is not about ​thinking about money and they'll appear in front of you. It's about changing your mindset be happy and be at the frequency to receive the money. Obviously I can't go through the entire "Secret" in this post but read the book or watch the movie if you haven't and if you have do it again!

  • Be happy and grateful for what you already got. If you are grateful more things to be grateful for will come to you
  • Don't use the word debt or even think it - if you think it you only will get more debt. 
  • ​Never think "This I can't afford" that kind of thoughts will only bring you more of what you can't afford. 
  • If you are brought up thinking "it's hard to make money", "money doesn't grow on trees" and those limiting beliefs then you have to get rid of them. It is easy to make money - you need to know that!
  • Think about money like you already got all you need. Visualize and imagine how your life ARE, present tense is important, when you already know how it feels it will come.
  • Give away money and more will come back to you.
  • All the time think abundance, know that you have everything you need
  • Write down what you want in present and read it every day!

When being happy and thinking positive thoughts all the time you will attract more things that make you happy. AND as a bonus - you will have a happier life RIGHT NOW even before you have attracted what you want. 

There is no meaning in worrying about the future - the only moment you can change is this moment so make the best out of it and the future will be different. Live each day to the fullest and believe, no KNOW, that you will get what you want and it will come to you.

Read the book or watch the movie and continue reading things that will get you on the right track. It isn't enough to have the right opportunity you need to work on yourself as well so you are ready to get what you want. 

This isn't easy and it takes time especially if you have a lot of limiting beliefs about money or yourself but I promise you if you continue every day and don't give up it will be easier. 

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Note that I don't have any formal education about this, I only have had a few courses and read a lot myself. It's only for support and no course or anything like that! We help each other!


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