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How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

Why use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website (or your affiliate offers)? Why is Pinterest better then Facebook? And what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is not a social media channel. You don't really connect with people and get new friends there. (But they recently have launched communities so it's evolving more to that as well)

Pinterest is a place of ideas. Pinterest is a place where you go to search for stuff you are interested in and to search for new ideas on how to do something. 

This makes Pinterest the perfect place to market your business. You should still have a presence on Facebook BUT if you are overlooking Pinterest in your marketing you might make a big mistake.

How long does content last on different platforms?

Your blog - 2 years
Pinterest - 4 months
Youtube - 20 days
LinkedIn - 24 hours
Instagram - 21 hours
Facebook - 5 hours
Twitter - 18 min

This is on average - it can obviously last shorter and longer on all platforms depending on the content. For me it just makes sense to post on Pinterest... 

I started a course in how to use Pinterest for my business in July and since then my account has grown A LOT from a couple of views a month up to 19.300 views/month as I am writing this. 

(And for me it's all organic. The course includes how to do paid advertising on Pinterest and I can't wait to dig in to that since I am seeing the results the other people have with that - but unfortunately paid ads aren't open for Sweden at this point so I'll have to wait.)

How does Pinterest work?

You create an image - a pin - and then link that to your content. Using a great description full of keywords will make people find it when they are searching on Pinterest and hopefully click on it to go read your content. Or save it on their own boards to go back to later.

If we compare to other social media Pinterest have a huge advantage and that is the search factor. Your pins can be found months from now as seen above. What you post on Facebook will most likely never be seen again if it doesn't go viral right away.

Since people usually aren't buying the first time they see something, Pinterest is an excellent place to advertise your stuff. People are saving your pins to their boards if they find them interesting and will go back and watch it later. 

Pinterest is a longtime strategy but you want to be in business for a long time right? 

80% of the pins done on Pinterest is repins right now so they really want new content and they are giving preference to that in the search engine. 

The perfect pin

A pin can look in a lot of different ways but you don't just want to pin your featured image from your blog for example. - That is in the wrong format! You want to create a special image for Pinterest. 

You could create a couple of images for each blog-posts or offer to see which ones work best.

what is pinterest

It should be

  • Vertical ratio 2:3 - important
  • just a title or more text -  info graphic works really well 
  • image/picture - stock photos work well
  • check
    logo if you have one and the pin is leading to your own content
  • check
    keywords in the description and also #
  • check
    Link to your content - that is congruent with your pin of course!
  • check
    url to your website on the image - discretely

Don't use a button or a click-bait on your image - Pinterest don't like that but you can write click to read more or similar in the description if you want.

Ask yourself: Would you repin your pin? (meaning: would you save it to your own boards if you saw it?)

Your account

You want your account to be a business account if you are using Pinterest for your business. In that way you'll get analytics and also the ability to do paid advertising (if you are in a country where they allow that...) A personal account can be upgraded to a business account in settings. That's what I did.

Your boards

This is an example of a board-cover

Board-covers are a nice touch -go see my boards here:

The name of your boards should describe what pins you are putting there. Also fill out the description for each board and use # and keywords to have them come up in searches. 

Why choose Pinterest

I don't think you should exclude Facebook if you are marketing your business and your blog, that is still the biggest place to find people BUT in my opinion it's getting harder and harder to market your business there. 

I like Pinterest because you don't have to be "fake social", you can be honest about what you are doing. People are looking for new ideas and not for entertainment in the same way as they do on Facebook.

I also like all the images and the creativeness of Pinterest. I will continue to put most of my time towards that platform and I highly suggest you check it out.

And if you are interested in learning how to use the platform for your business I highly recommend Pinning Ingredients. Chef Katrina that does the training is an amazing teacher and she is so helpful. I have learned a lot and are continuing to learn a lot from her. 

Check it out!


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I just started using Pinterest for my blog posts and it has been good so far. I did learn quite a few things from your article.

    Karin Wälivaara

    Hey! Thanks for commenting and great that you learned something new. Pinterest is so much fun! I hope you get much success!

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