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What you need to build your business online

By Karin Wälivaara | Blogging

There are a lot of ways to build your business online. A lot of different social media sites and then there is your blog/homepage. How do you know what to use? And do you have to use it all?

As I wrote in This post Facebook is the biggest Social Media site so in my opinion you should have a presence there.

But if you like one of the others better you use that one, get good at it and just share your stuff from that one to Facebook.

Don’t learn them all at the same time, make sure to pick one and learn that, be great at it. Especially if you are doing paid advertising.

But all your “roads” should lead to one place. To your homepage or blog. That is the only place you truly own.

You can be banned from Facebook and Twitter might disappear so if you put all your eggs in someone else’s basket you might lose them.

Make your blog your hub. Use it to create content that your target market want to read or watch if you are doing video. (Target market are the people you want to sell to or recruit into your business)

Create stuff they are looking for and then link to that from Social Media and market that to get people to find you.

Your blog/page is your true asset online and content you create today can still bring you leads and sales in years from now.

If it is a good piece of content people will find it even if you aren’t actively sending traffic to it all the time.

If you aren’t a writer do videos or audio. If you don’t know what to put out there check out this post where I have listed some places to find content-ideas.

If you don’t know how to create your blog/page find someone to help you (Ask me?)


 you can join Elite Marketing Pro and get a very easy to use tool to set up your site while getting the marketing training you need to succeed.

So, what should your page have? 

You need to present yourself, people want to know you!

You need good content as we have talked about and you also need a call to action.

What do you want people to do? You should be building up your e-mail list (that you manage in an autoresponder) so you can continue marketing to them so you need a lead-magnet and an opt-in form.

Does this sound very technical? Don’t worry it isn’t, you just need someone to show you.

The Marketing Training found at Elite Marketing Pro will help you understand all that and show you how to do it.

They also provide some of the tools you need.

Start by getting this free bootcamp and learn the basics. And to see If it is something for you.


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