What You Never Should Say To Your Prospects or Teach Your Team

We are talking a lot about what to say when talking to new prospects or to your existing team but it is important to know what NOT to say as well. You don't want people in your team that think they don't have to do anything, that don't understand that it's hard work involved right? 

  • You'll get rich quick
    This is just not true - you wont get rich quick in Network Marketing and if you keep telling your prospects that you'll set unrealistic excitations and you'll have most people quit when they realize it. You only want to recruit those who understand that it is a job and that it will take time and hard work! 
  • It's sharing, it's not selling
    It is selling all the way. If you have the attitude that you are just sharing then it's hard to see it as a real business. If it's your hobby and you just want to help people to find your products but you don't have any expectations of making money then it is sharing - but then again if you had that approach you wouldn't recruit right? Then you would just recommend the products like you recommend anything you buy in a store that you like. So treat your business like a real business and tell your prospects/teach your team that it is real!. 
  • It's easy
    This is not easy, it's not that complicated but it is hard to be turned down 100 times in a row if you do cold market recruiting or have your ads fail if you use attraction marketing. I would say the second option isn't quite as painful as the first one because you'll learn something from the failed ad. If you want to learn a strategy in how to do it online and do successful ads that will attract people to you, a strategy that is easily duplicated buy your team - get your free bootcamp! 
  • Just talk to more people and take them to a meeting and your team will grow.
    That isn't the only thing you need to do to get your team to grow. You need to take care of the team, you need to teach them what you know and you need to learn more skills as you grow.

    To succeed in anything you need yo continue growing and become a little more skilled than you where yesterday. If you stop learning you'll stop growing and so will your business. So don't teach your team that they just need to talk to more people - they to need to learn and take care of their team! 

  • Everyone succeeds
    That is not guaranteed. It all comes down to the individual - they need to do the work. Every Success in anything comes down to each person. Again don't set false expectations. 
  • ​Everyone is a prospect
    I don't believe this for a minute - but that is what I was told.

    Most people aren't interested in joining network marketing and among those that are not everyone want to join health and wellness or travel or insurance or
    online social media sites that pay you to use them. 

    People are different and just because you love your opportunity and products it doesn't mean that everyone else will. So why should you waste your time and everyone else's time talking to the ones that never will consider joining? 

    At least skip those and talk to people who have an interest in this profession. Learn how to find them!

Treat your business like a real business, act like it is and you'll attract others that want something real. Keep simplifying it especially when talking to prospects only will give you a team that will keep quitting when they realize it isn't as simple as you said. Build a strong foundation and a team that you can have fun with and enjoy working with. Working together for all of your success instead of cleaning up after  team-mates that aren't serious and are afraid of doing the work. 

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