When you have so much you want to do that you just don’t know where to start ⋆ Karin Wälivaara

When you have so much you want to do that you just don’t know where to start

By Karin Wälivaara | Internet Marketing

As small business-owners we tend to learn a lot all the time and that is a good thing. 

We need to learn to grow and expand our business but sometimes it can be too much and we can become overwhelmed.


There are just so much we want to do and we want everything to be perfect – and that can cause overwhelm as well.

How do you handle it when you just have so much you want to do that you don’t even know where to start?

I have a couple of great tips for you that I’ve recently learned from different webinars in the subject I’ve had the fortune to listen to. 

Be structured – have a plan

Plan your day, your week, your month and your year. What do you want to accomplish this year? Write that down, then break it down to smaller steps for every month and every week and finally into tasks you are doing today (or tomorrow - it’s better to be clear on what to do when you wake up).

Have dedicated workhours!

Make sure you cut out the time you have for your business and during that time eliminate all distractions. Turn of Facebook, your phone, let your family know that you can’t be disturbed. You’ll get a ton more work done if you do this!

Focus on one thing at the time

We are building our business just like we are building a house so don’t start with everything at once. You need to build the foundation before putting up the walls, right?

Start somewhere. You don’t need to learn everything at once. Take one step at the time and learn that step before moving on to the next. Concentrate on learning that AND

Take action

You need to do something. If you never do anything with what you learn you’ll never get anywhere.

Many people are stuck in learning mode they think they just need to learn one more thing and then everything will fall into place. It's easy to get stuck there but nothing will happen if you don't break free and start to take action.​

And if it feels uncomfortable - do it anyway if you know it's the right thing to do. If you only do things that you are comfortable with you'll stay where you  are right now, you will never grow ​and evolve.

Plan your day – learn what you need – and take action with what you learn.

If you decide a deadline for your tasks and how much you will do per day then you’ll grow a lot quicker – you’ll do a lot more.


By May 31 I will show my business to 5 people per day (don’t say that you will sign up five people a day – you can’t control others. That is for goals - this is for your activity!)

By June 3 I will have created my own lead-magnet (something to give away in exchange for peoples e-mail addresses)

I will do 3 Facebook live a week

80% of your action should be income-producing activities and 20% learning and activities that aren’t income-producing like designing your blog and learning how to use that exclusive light-system you just needed to get for your videos (hint you don’t need that at all)

Don't be perfect

If you strive for perfection you’ll never get anywhere but if you start taking action with what you know you will get more ideas and get into the flow and you can change that font you aren't happy with later.

You might not be perfect in the beginning – you probably will not be but you always know more than someone else, you always can do more than someone else so why not start to give them what you have?

I am publishing three blogposts a week on my blog, I am not the best blogger – and I am not even blogging in my own language, I don't think that everything I do is perfect – far from it, but I know that it is content that people want and need so it would be kind of rude of me to keep it to myself don’t you think?

And for every post I write I get a little bit better, I grow and learn and I will have even more to share with my followers.

If you need content-ideas I have an article about that here.

(By the way – content does not have to be a blog-post – it can be a video or an audio as well. Whatever you are most comfortable with)

So to get rid of the overwhelm!

Decide how much time you have to work on your business each day

Decide what you want to accomplish – with a deadline

Break it up in to tasks for day, week and month.

Do the tasks you have planned for the day and turn of ALL distractions while you are.

Take action and have fun.


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