Why does it suck to succeed?

This online business is kind of sad don’t you think? Or maybe not the business itself, it’s humanity that is kind of sad…

In our community that is built up by a wide range of people all from newbies up to 6-and 7-figure earners in the business, I multiple times have seen questions about what to do when getting nasty comments on posts on social media.

The answer is always “Congratulations – You know you have succeeded when you get your first hater”, isn’t that kind of sad? What does it say about people? It’s so common that nobody even cares anymore.

Why can’t everyone just treat each other with respect? You may not understand what I’m doing but why do you have to put me down?

This is not about me, I clearly haven’t succeeded yet, not in that big way, since I haven’t seen any haters but when they come – and I’m sure they will since my goal is to crush it. What am I going to do then? Be happy they showed up because it shows that I am succeeding or be sad that people are… well people?

A little more love in the world wouldn’t hurt don’t you think?

Why can’t people just be supportive and stop judging other people for what they are doing? Why are there so much hate in the world?

I won’t elaborate this because then I will get caught up in something that has very little to do with online people who are hiding behind their keyboards and saying all kinds of negative stuff they never would say face to face.

So some people suck but it’s probably just jealousy anyway so I’m sorry for them. You go do what you want no matter what other people say!

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