Your Blog: The About Me Page

If you are blogging for business-purposes the About Me Page is an important page to fill out. That is where people get to know you a little bit more if you aren't blogging about your life. 

I find it quite difficult to write about my self, I don't know why because I am the one I know the best. Anyway I learned a formula that you can use to make your about me page effective and appealing.

Six things to include:

  1. Personality - Let your personality shine through and tell them a bit about yourself. Showing your personality in your writing means that you shouldn't write it like a essay or something - be natural. I find it a bit difficult since I am not blogging in my own language so I really don't know if I am writing to stiff or something but I think that is something that will come with time.
  2. Purpose of page - Tell your readers why your blog exists - what is it going to be about so they know what to expect.
  3. Contactinformation - Provide them with contact-information - you want them to easily be able to contact you right?
  4. Pictures - a couple of pictures of you and your family maybe and something else you want to show to help them to get to know you even better.
  5. Your favourite posts or the most popular - list some of your favorite posts or the most popular posts on the blog. Something that can help them understand your page.
  6. Fun Facts about yourself - write something about yourself that not necessarily is about what your blog is about. Who you are as a person. Can be anything!

Check out my About Me and let me know what you think 🙂

I hope this has helped, I have learned it from the lovely Chef Katrina over at Elite Marketing Pro.

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